Are you an iPhone user? Then you must be wondering why not activate iPhone without sim card & use iPhone without sim card, like an android phone wherein a sim card is not necessary to use the phone, neglecting the calling feature. You will still be able to use all other features like wifi, games, songs, videos, cameras, etc.

So, if you think that a sim card is necessary for using an iPhone when not in use of a calling feature, then think again! I will show you some ways by which an iPhone can be activated without a sim card.


Here I present to you 5 methods to activate the iPhone without a sim. Do proceed to learn!


This method is an easy one provided your iPhone is unlocked. In case of a locked phone, you must first unlock it so that you can activate the phone using iTunes. The method is described as follows.

First, connect your phone to a computer. Make sure the iTunes is installed on your phone. Open iTunes on your computer if it did not launch automatically. Select the option ‘Set up as new phone’ on your computer to proceed further. After that, you will see an option called ‘Sync with iTunes’, clicking upon which, your iPhone will be activated and ready to use.


Apart from iTunes, you can also use an R-sim/X-sim to activate iPhone without sim card. R-sim is a mediator which is sandwiched in between a sim card tray and an actual sim, making the phone believe that it works with the sim card of the native operator.

Insert R-sim and select the preferred cellular network. Enter the 7-digit carrier code upon request for that particular provider. This data can be obtained from the internet.  Upon entering the code, select your iPhone model from the list of models given in the options. Choose the preferred unlocking method after the iPhone model selection. Let the device process and finish it by tapping ‘Accept’ in the set up prompt.

Voila! And your iPhone is activated. This is an easy method to activate, the only requirement being the R-sim which is available everywhere.


This is another easy method to activate iPhone without sim card. In this method, all you need to do is to use the emergency call feature on your iPhone. Here, you will just need to call the emergency feature, but not till the call is connected.

When you switch on an iPhone, the first thing it will show is to insert a sim. St that moment, press the home key wherein you will find the option of making an emergency call. Click on that and call any number such as 999 or 112, but not until the call is connected. After this, you will receive a prompt asking you to disconnect the call. Click on that and your phone will get activated.

Though this method seems to be the easiest, there have been controversies that the new models are patched up from exploiting this feature. So, you will have to do it, to find out. If it works for you, Great! Else use any other method mentioned here.


When all the above methods fail, then you can resort to this method which is jailbreaking your iPhone! This is another way by which you can bypass the ‘activation only by sim’ process.

Jailbreak is the toughest method among all the methods mentioned here. Also do note that doing jailbreak voids your iPhone’s warranty and it is against iPhone policies, meaning that you may not be able to claim warranty or do service at an iPhone store. This method has much online software to carry it out and requires time and patience. Do note that tools differ for different models, so proceed with care.


The easiest method in this list, activation of your iPhone can also be done with the help of a spare sim or someone else’s sim, though the reason for placing it at the bottom is considering the rare occasion that someone may lend their sim!

Borrow a sim card from a kind friend who is willing to lend his/her sim for a few minutes. Insert the sim into the sim tray. Make sure your phone is not connected to a particular carrier else you might need the same sim from the same network. Do have access to a wifi network during this entire process.

After the insertion, activate the phone by going through the routine setup options and prompts including logging onto your network. Once the activation process is done,  you can remove the sim and hand it over to your friend and they can continue using it as usual. You will also be able to use your iPhone and its every feature such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, etc neglecting the calling feature.


Once it was thought that the iPhone could only be activated using a sim card. But modern technologies have provided us with appropriate and amazing solutions and have made Apple’s iPhone, as compatible as Android by making use of the phone in all aspects even without the use of a sim card.

Thereafter, anyone with an iPhone can be able to use it as a tab for office purposes, or the phone can be handed over to the kids for gaming purposes, or students for educational purposes.

iPhone users, do try any of the above methods and comment on which works best for you!