Are you using Messenger? Almost everyone uses Facebook to stay in touch with friends and relatives. You can send a message directly from Facebook, or you can use Messenger. In messenger, you can directly send messages to your Facebook friend. So, if you are also using messenger and want to remove someone from the messenger app, then how can you remove it? Don’t worry, as here we have brought a solution to this. If you want to remove someone from Messenger, then go through this article and solve your problem.

Facebook Messenger does not allow you to delete contacts easily. But there are alternative methods available by which you can remove someone from your Messenger easily. There might be different reasons to remove any contact as that person is annoying you or you don’t like that person or any reason. You can easily delete a contact from the Facebook messenger.

How To Remove/Block/ Delete Someone From Messenger?

Once you become friends on Facebook, they are added to your contacts. That friend has added to Messenger also. And all the contacts which are there on your phone are also added to the messenger app. If you are using a mobile version of the app, then you can add a contact with a mobile number or an email.

Now check out how you can remove someone from Messenger?

Deleting conversations with people added in messenger is very easy. In the messenger app, you can block a contact who are your friends or non-friends.

Check out the different ways to delete a contact from the messenger.

Method 1: Block The Contact In Messenger

Follow the steps and block a contact in messenger.

  • First, open the Messenger app in Android
  • Now, view all the contacts in Messenger
  • Search for the contact you want to block
  • Long press on the contact which you want to block
  • After that, you will see three options Delete, Menu and notification bell icons
  • Click on the Menu icon of 3 lines
  • On the next screen choose “Block” option
  • You can also click on the “Delete” option to remove the contact

Method 2: Block Non-friend In Messenger

If you want to delete a contact who is not your friend, then follow the steps given below:

  • In the messenger app, click on the contact which you want to block or remove
  • Now, you will see info (i) option at the top side
  • Click on that option
  • Then you will see the “Block” option
  • Click on it and block that contact

Method 3: Unfriend Someone In Messenger

If you don’t want any contact in your messenger, then you can unfriend or block or delete that contact. As Facebook and messenger app both are connected, you need to search for the profile of that friend and then delete it.

  • First, open the messenger app.
  • Check out the list of friends, people, and contacts.
  • Click on the contact which you want to unfriend.
  • Now, click on the info icon of your friend.
  • Now, view the details of that friend in Messenger.
  • Click on the “View Profile on Facebook” button.
  • The profile will be open in the Facebook app.
  • Click on the “Friends” option.
  • Tap on it to unfriend that friend on Facebook

How To Delete All Non-friend’s Contacts From Messenger?

If you are tired of unknown friends message requests, then you can remove them from the app. Follow the steps and remove all non-friends contacts.

  • First, open the messenger app.
  • Click on the profile option at the top left side.
  • There you will see people option, click on it.
  • Under that click on Manage contacts
  • Now, you will see all the list of non-friends
  • There you will see delete all contacts option.
  • Click on it and delete all the non-friends contacts.

How To Remove Someone From Messenger Group?

It is very easy to remove someone from a group. So, if you also want to remove someone from a messenger group, then follow the given steps.

  • Open the messenger app and open the chat conversation of the group.
  • Click on the profile picture of that person whom you want to remove.
  • You will see the profile of that person.
  • There you will see an option of remove from the group
  • Click on that option, and that person will be removed from the group.

Final Thoughts

This was how you can remove someone from Messenger. If you are unable to remove a contact from the app, then you can block them. So, this is it. We have tried our best and explained how you can remove someone from the Facebook Messenger app.

If you are also tired of someone, then follow the given methods and remove that contact from the app. We hope this article was helpful to you. Please do share this article with others.