This title must have sparked a bulb in all android users as they might have faced this error called ‘df-dferh-01, at least once in their Google Play store. Play store experiences a lot of errors due to bugs or system problems and this is one such common but a bit unique error that pops up in google play store upon opening.

And if you are one who is facing this error called ‘df-dferh-01’ on your android phone right now, then this article is for you! So dive into it to find out the solution which you are very much in need of.

How to Fix Df-dferh-01 Error on Play Store?

To give a short intro, ‘df-dferh-01’ is a type of error that occurs in google play store. This is a very common error among android users but one that could be fixed easily since it is only a temporary error. But the problem lies in the fact that it is a bit different since it appears after opening google play store unlike other types of errors that appear while downloading or updating.


A cache is generally stored data that aids in the future processing of any request quickly by saving the previous data of the same request. They do not possess any significant importance and when left untouched for a long time, they can occupy gigabytes of data on your phone. This type of data generally slows down your phone and decreases its efficiency.

So, one way to remove df-dferh-01 error is to clear the cache and old data accumulated on your phone since these data have their hands in many play store errors. Note down the instructions below on how to clear the cache.

  1. Go to settings and click on the Apps icon.
  2. Click on the Google Play store in the Apps section.
  3. Then click on Force stop, Clear cache, and Clear data option.


By following the above steps in order, we can clear the cache and fix the error.


Sometimes, the error might be related to the google account and not the amount of cache or old data present. In this case, we have to follow the next method that is, remove and add google account wherein we will remove the existing google account and add it again to make it function properly again.

Below are the instructions to be followed to remove and add google account.

  1. Go to settings and click on the Accounts icon.
  2. Remove your existing google account in the Accounts section.
  3. Restart your phone.
  4. Go to Accounts and sign in again.

Through this method, we will be able to clear off the account problems and fix the error.


A few times, this error might even occur due to update problems of google play store. So do check whether you have updated your google play store.

If you did not update the google play store, then update it to remove the error as updates might come without bugs and errors.

If you have already updated the google play store, then this might even be the cause of the error. So, try removing the update and re-installing the older version of google play store to rectify the error and make the play store function properly.



If clearing cache and old data did not work, you can try this method to fix the issue. This is also said to be one of the best methods to fix the error as it has worked for the majority of people.

Follow the instructions give below to carry out this method.

  1. Go to settings and click on the System icon.
  2. Click on Advanced option in the Settings section.
  3. Click on the Reset option.
  4. Click on the Reset app preferences option.

Try this immediately as the next step when the clear cache and data option does not work.


When none of the above methods work, try upgrading your phone. Many users do not update their phone which is the main cause of a lot of problems and errors. Updating phones including patch updates is an important task to be done regularly whenever an update pops up since updates can rectify bugs and errors.

There might be some updates that might fix the error ‘df-dferh-01’.  Follow the instructions below to update your phone.

  1. Go to settings and click on the About section.
  2. Click on Software updates.
  3. Any new updates will display. Download that update and install it.

This is an effective method since android updates fix all errors and bug and bring in a newer and more effective version.

Final Words

Android applications and especially, google play store face a lot of errors as it is responsible for install, uninstall and update apps. So, we must always keep an eye on the efficiency of the device, and if any issue or error is detected, we must look after it and fix it as soon as possible.

Activities such as clearing cache and old data, updating apps and software updates must be regularly done whenever an update pops up and not only in the time of errors in order to maintain proper functioning of the device and in its full efficiency.

Do follow the above methods to fix the error called ‘df-dferh-01’ and enjoy an error-free device!