Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites which keeps you connected with your friends and family. There is one question which most of the users want to know about is can you really find out who viewed your Facebook Profile? Some of them say yes, you can find out who viewed Facebook profile. But what’s the reality, do you know? It is true can you know who that person who viewed your profile is? If you want to know about this, then you have come to the right place, as here we will tell you the truth.

On Facebook, there are plenty of fake Facebook accounts available, and you must take care of your account. Most of the people want to learn how to check, who viewed my Facebook Profile.

To view, many of them search the solution on the internet, and they end up getting tricked by the third-party apps and sites. But in the end, they can’t find out who viewed their profile.

On the internet, you will see there are many sites that claim that it will show you a list of people who have visited your Facebook account, but instead of showing you the list,  it grabs all your personal information.

Can You Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

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NO. There is no way to check who has viewed your Facebook profile. Legally there is no way, but there are few tricks by which you can know who has viewed your Facebook profile. On the help center site of Facebook, they have confirmed that “No, Facebook doesn’t allow the people to track who views their profile. And even the third-party apps also can’t provide you with this information.”

Technically it is not possible to find out who has viewed your Facebook profile. But there are few fake methods that are available online. On the internet, you will see so many tricks like few will say download some APK, or visit this site or something like that. But none of them will work as all of those tricks are fake.

Direct Way To Find Out Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

As there is no direct way to find out who viewed a Facebook profile, but there are few tricks and tips by which you can find out. Check out the tricks and find out who has viewed your Facebook profile.

On the internet, you will find so many blogs and youtube videos claiming that you can check who viewed your Facebook profile. Like for example, they will tell you to download any app or to do something online but none of this thing works. Not even google chrome extensions. So don’t get fooled by any of these.

Any Apps To Check Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

You might have seen many of the apps which claim that they can see who viewed your Facebook profile. But, do not go for these apps as they can take your personal data. These apps steal your data and sell to advertising companies. And these apps also have malware that can harm your device.

None of the apps is legal to know Who viewed your Facebook Profile. If you have already installed any app then uninstall it now if you want your data to be safe.

Facebook is spending a lot of money on its security so if you thing by downloading any app you can crack that all then you must be kidding.

Ways To Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

So you came here to know how you can check if somebody has viewed your profile or not. Or who has viewed your profile recently, So here are some tips which can help you a bit but we do not guarantee that it will work 100%.

There are a few ways by which you can guess who has checked your profile.

Method 1: Check Engagement On Your Posts

  • In general, if someone is checking out your profile then they must leave some footprints in sense of liking your post or photos
  • So if you get to know that some unknown person has liked your profile or cover photo then no doubt he/she was checking out your profile.

Method 2: Adding A Link In Your Bio

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  • If someone is viewing your profile then they are going to check out your bio.
  • So here is the trick, You can create one bitly or any short link and add it into your bio.
  • As soon as the person clicks on the link you will be able to check who viewed my Facebook profile.
  • By this, you can not get a person details but at least you will get to know that someone has viewed your profile.


If you really want to know who viewed your Facebook account, then do not go for any fake app or any other third party app. There are so many apps and fake ways available on the internet, which can harm your device and can leak your details.

As there is no legal way to know who has viewed your Facebook account, it is better not to go for any app or method. Or else use the given methods above which are easy and safe to know. We hope this article was helpful to you.
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