Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. It is the platform where most of us stay connected. We spend most of the time on Facebook but still not aware of some cool Facebook tips and tricks, that can enhance your experience. In this article, you will get to know about cool Facebook tricks.

Interesting Facebook Tips And Tricks

If you want to use Facebook like a pro and don’t enough time to invest in Facebook. We’ve mentioned some Facebook tips and tricks that can make your experience even more joyful than you ever have.

  • Check How Much Time You Spend On Facebook:

If you’re among them, who are always curious to know how much time you’re spending on Facebook. In the Facebook app, you can find “Your Time On Facebook”. option in the setting and privacy menu. When you click on it you will get a bar graph of the week, which displays the average amount of time you spend on Facebook by hours and minutes per day.

  • Set Animated Facebook Profile Pictures:-

Do you know you can use an animated picture as your profile picture?. Using these Facebook trick you can set animated pictures or short looping videos. If You want to record your GIF on Facebook, you can do this by using a Facebook mobile app, Just open the app and head to your profile page. If this feature is available for you then you will see an icon at the corner of your profile picture. This option will offer you to record your video or you can select any video as your profile picture. The maximum length of the video is 7 seconds. These Facebook tips and tricks will help you to stand apart from other Facebook profiles.

  • Find Out All Photos Likes By Your Friends:-

If you want to track your Facebook friends. Then this Facebook trick lets you discover all photos liked by your Facebook friend. You just need to type in the search box  “Photos Liked by” followed by your Facebook friend name. If you any kind of doubt regarding this then you can take references from the picture.

  • Stop Facebook Game Notification:-

If you’re among them who get bored by facebook game and app notification. I going to tell you the way through which you can stop that distraction right now. Go to Facebook Settings> Notification then click on App Request and Activity. then click on Edit then you will see a list of all the apps that sending you a notification. You can disable those apps you don’t want to receive notification from.

  • Schedule Your Facebook Post:-

This amazing Facebook trick can save you time. You can schedule your post to send some time shortly. Sendible is a great tool that can schedule your Posts.

  • Turn Off Auto-Playing videos.

This Facebook trick can help you to disable automatically playing videos in your news feed. To do this go to Setting & Privacy and tap on the Setting, scroll down and tap on Media and Contacts, then click on Autoplay and select the option Never Autoplay Videos.

  • Control Who Can See You Online:-

You can control your privacy while using Facebook. Only your selected friends know that you’re available to chat. To do this you have to edit the Facebook chat setting. On the right-hand side of your Facebook homepage, you will see a chatbox. On the menu, you will see the Advanced Setting option click on it. A new pop up window will open on your screen that will display three options:-

  1. Turn off chat for some person
  2. Turn Off Chat for all contacts except
  3. Turn Off Chat for all contacts

Choose the appropriate option according to your needs.

  • Download Photo Album Of Your friends:-

If you like someone’s pictures and you want to store on your local computer and don’t wish to know them that you’re watching their photos. You can do this by using a chrome extension called DownAlbum.You can download images individually or you can also save all the images at once just by following instructions.

  • Download All Your Facebook Data:-

This Fb trick allows you to download all your Facebook data including all posts, images, and videos. To Download Your Facebook data, Open your Facebook app and go to the Settings, then tap on General and click on Download a copy of your Facebook data.

  • Manage Your Login Devices:-

This Fb Trick is very useful in case you left yourself login into a public computer. Using this Facebook trick you’ll be able to check all the devices you have logged in, you can disconnect any device you no longer want to use. To manage your login devices you have to go to the settings then security>where you Logged in and click on Edit.

  • Disable Location Sharing On Facebook:-

You are may not be aware that how much personal information you’re sharing online. It is possible to disable location sharing on Facebook easily. This Facebook trick lets you disable your location sharing. To do this just follow the instruction:-Open Facebook messenger and click on the Setting icon located at the upper-right corner. Scroll down to “New Messages include your location by default” and uncheck it.

  • Save Facebook Post To View Later:-

You can save Save Facebook by using these Facebook tricks .this is quite easy to save Facebook posts, just click on the small arrow available at the top right of the post which you want to save and click on Save. If you want to review your saved post just click on the saved tab and all your saved posts will appear on your screens.

  • Enable Two Factor Authentication:-

Two-factor authentication is a security feature that gives your extra layer in addition to passwords. Every time whenever you try to access your Facebook account from a browser or a mobile device that doesn’t recognize by Facebook then you’ll ask to enter login code to confirm your login attempt. To turn on two-step verification, go to your settings and click on Security and login. Scroll down to “Use Two-factor authentication” and click on Manage.


I have listed the much needed Facebook tips and tricks that can enhance your experience while using Facebook. If I have missed out on any that worth including, please comment us we will try to update our list with your trick.keep visited our blog stay updated with our latest posts.