OKAY! OKAY! Let’s admit it we all have that party animal who just wants to party and if YOU are here reading this article then that means you have that too and now you might having questions like where to start from, are they even free and how can I look cool like a DJ? Well, I can suggest you start using the best DJ software cause you don’t need to have any hardware to start DJing.

Some of them are even free to use and this could be the beginning of your journey from bedroom to the mainstage of Tomorrowland.

Why Use A DJ Software?

Firstly a DJ software is a program or application which let you mix two songs which can be a good start for anyone interested to know how to Dj and there was a time when you had to pay a lot amount of money just for trying it out but now everything is on the tips of your fingertip and they doesn’t even require any DJ equipment and gives you more control over songs you play and certainly offers you various effects as you find on an actual Dj controller.

Just your laptop or smartphone, pair of headphones and you are good to go!

Free Dj Software For Both PC & Android

Now that you have known that you can start mixing songs with a DJ software without even having any equipment but here’s the catch not all of them are free in fact, some of them are paid on monthly basis but don’t worry we made a list on free best DJ software you could find on the internet.

This list covers both free DJ software for your PC as well as your smartphone so that you can mix songs anytime and I will also be sharing a bonus tip for all bedroom DJs at the end of this blog.

Bonus tip:

Here is the bonus tip:-
Free or paid DJ software doesn’t matter cause your creativity and passion is the only thing that makes a difference.

But before we begin our list

Note:- some of the programs from our list are free to use but we do not suggest you use them for commercial purposes.

1. Serato Dj Lite:

Serato is one of the most popular DJ software used by thousands of professional DJs from around the world and it is a free version of pro DJ software “Serato” and more importantly, you don’t need any actual DJ equipment to use this software, just your laptop would be enough to try this out. Moreover, It comes with a simple and attractive user interface and it offers features like online streaming directly into your Serato DJ lite, colored waveform, cue points visible on the track, effects and many more.
It’s a must-try DJ software.

Price: Free
Size: 200 MB

2. Mixx

Mixx Dj is a free open-source DJ software which supports all common music file formats and I love how simple its UI looks and how powerful this software because Mixx Dj comes with so many features used by professionals like accurate BPM & Key detection to seamlessly mix two songs, vinyl effect to create your true mix and it also supports most common midi controllers and it is one of the better free DJ software with no extra charge and which comes with all the major feature available in a DJ software.

Price: Free
Size: 110 MB (Windows), 31.20mb (Mac)

3. Virtual Dj 2020:

Virtual DJ is the most downloaded and loved software by all DJ from professional to bedroom DJs with over 1000000000+ download and yes that a lot of numbers. So, It empowers you with advance technology instead of limited free DJ software that comes with the controller and Virtual Dj 2020 works seamlessly with all type of setups and comes with all the features you can expect from a DJ software like loops, Que point, loops, vinyl scratch, live recording, customizable skins and many more.

Price: Free
Size: 38MB

4. Edjing Pro Le:

Edjing Pro Le is one of the best Free DJ software for all android devices and yes that also means you can now start djing for free from your very own smartphone. However, it is the free version of the paid app edjing pro from MWM but there are very few reliable Dj apps for android devices and edging is one of them.

If you want to start djing from your smartphone for free then you can trust edging pro le because It offers so many features like custom BPM, a large audio spectrum which lets you see the waveform, freeze spectrum, 3 band EQ, unlimited access to SoundCloud and many more.

Price: Free
Size: 15MB

5. Mixvibes Cross Dj:

Mixvibes Cross Dj is a software that you can use anywhere or wherever you want because Cross Dj is available for your laptop as well as your smartphone. After all, it is available in most common platforms Windows, Mac, Android and IOS. Moreover, It also comes with very amazing features like BPM detection, Auto Sync, two players, frequency colored waveform, manual auto loops and also compatible with all music forms.

Price: Free
Size: 128MB

6. Djay 2 Free:

Djay Free is the app you can find on google play store for your smartphone to seamlessly mix your tracks and start djing and it is a free Dj app that everyone is using because of its simple and powerful UI which comes with many features like Music integration which let you use music from your library, not from your Google play music, mixes tempo, Auto gain, support midi controller and many more.

Price: Free
Size: 65MB

7. Zulu Dj:

Zulu Dj is a free Dj software whose user interface is very easy to use and provides all the features that you need to mix songs perfectly and doesn’t even take that much of your space with Zulu Dj you can do like beat detection for seamlessly mix any track, effects in realtime and many more. However, The only drawback that I found that it is free software but additions feature stops working after 14 days but it comes with all the major features.

Price: Free
Size: 5MB

8. UltraMixer:

UltraMixer is a Dj software which is most commonly used by dancing institutes and DJs.It can support up to 80 midi controller which is a great deal for any Dj.Most of its users like the feature of switching BPM To TPM, crystal clear sound.Pro mixing with a single click.UltraMixer comes with 4 decks, 8 real-time effects, 3 bands EQ, 6 hot cues, 16 channel player, clean & adjustable UI and many more.

Price: Free
Size: 296MB

9. Blaze Free:

Blaze free is a very elegant and simple looking free Dj software for your PC which let you record your mix with effect in real-time and BLaze Free also supports major midi controllers and most common music formats and comes with the features like 3 band EQ, loops, filters all that you need to make your perfect mix. However, the drawback that I found it only work for 30 mins during its trial period.

Price: Free (30 mins)
Size: 90MB

10. Cute Dj Pro:

Cute Dj is a Dj software which loved by its users for that one feature that makes it different from other software and that is that you can automatically mix your songs for you with just one click and it is also integrated with the online digital library for easy access to any song from Spotify or iTunes and with Cute Dj you can also mix audio and videos by using the realtime sample for your tracks. However, it only works for 20 mins during its trial period.

Price: Free (20 mins)
Size: 9.6MB

10 Best Dj Software

Below are some of the best DJ software that are free and available for Android and PC.

  1. Serato Dj Lite:
  2. Mixx:
  3. Virtual Dj 2020:
  4. Edjing Pro Le:
  5. Mixxvibes Cross-Dj:
  6. Djay 2:
  7. Zulu Dj Free:
  8. UltraMixer:
  9. Blaze free:
  10. Cute Dj:

So which free DJ software you should choose to start mixing your first track? For me, I think it should be the one that represents the real-world environment and let you mix your tracks perfectly.