Want to get an important message that you talked it over the phone? or want to relive the moment that you spent talking to someone special to you? Well, you can do that simply by recording calls on your phone but not all call recorder apps are the best call recorder apps for Android.

Though some smartphones come with their built-in call recording feature but not every phone, so are we out options or is there a way or let’s say an app to save conversations or record phone calls?

What Is A Call Recorder App?

It is an application that automatically records your phone calls (both incoming and outgoing calls) and lets you organize them by name, date or duration.

These call recording apps can provide a lot more features than an in-built call recording apps even some of them are free to use and let you save your recording easily and share them on social media.

Free Call Recorder Apps For Android

Not all android devices come with the built-in call recording feature to record phone conversations.

So we made a list on best call recorder apps for android and this list includes both free and paid subscription apps according to your requirement but before we start with our list

Note:-Recording calls are illegal in some countries so make sure to read the laws of that country where you are using call recording application to record conversations.

1. Cube ACR

Price: Free (In-app purchase)

Size: 8mb

Rating: 4.5

Cube ACR (Automatic Call Recorder) is a free android app which automatically records your phone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO calls and also support many other platforms and you can also even record calls manually, can also create an Exclusion list of contacts who won’t be recorded automatically and can easily record calls and conversation at the best possible quality on your device.

2. Smart Recorder

Price: Free

Size: 4 Mb

Rating: 4.8

Smart Recorder comes has a very decent user interface and also gives you professional options to record your calls efficiently, live audio spectrum, automatic or manual sensitivity control to skip silence mode and wave encoding with adjustable sample rate and you can even limit time to save some space and can also record in the background even when the display is off.

The Smart Recorder is popular for its skip silence feature in which you can omit silence to shorten your recording which is great for taking a short nap while on call.

3. Truecaller

Prize:  49/monthly.

Size: 32 Mb

Rating: 4.5

Truecaller is a very popular and trusted caller id app with the user base of over 4 million and which also comes with a feature to records calls on your android device which is a great thing, however, call recording is a part of the true caller’s premium subscription plans which is  49/monthly.

However, it does not support android 9 pie or above.

4. Call Recorder By Lovekera

Price: Free

Size: 2 Mb

Rating: 4.3

Call Recorder by lovekera is a free android app to record calls automatically while calling and you can view all your recorded calls listed by time, group by names, group by data and can even playback, save your calls to mp3 into your SD card but more importantly, it’s FREE that means can easily record using this app no trial periods or in-app purchases.

5. RMC Call Recorder

Price: Free

Size: 7 Mb

Rating: 4.0

RMC Call Recorder automatically record calls based on unknown, known and your selected contacts list and you can even set 4 digit passcode to protect your recordings and can automatically save your recorded calls on Google drive and with the in-built trash folder so that your recording doesn’t just get deleted by a single click.

So, It’s a whole package; you can record, save and protect all your recorded calls.

6. BlackBox Call Recorder

Price: Free

Size: 3 Mb

Rating: 4.1

Blackbox Call Recorder is free to call recording app which can record calls in high quality and efficient file format and you can even create a whitelist, favorite your recording, sort your recording by date, time or duration and you can even clean up old recording on an automatic schedule for better organizing.

(Blackbox does not support WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber or other platforms to record calls only phone calls.)


7. All Call Recorder Lite 2020

Prize: Free

Size: 5 Mb

Rating: 4.1

In All Recorder Lite 2020, you can create your library of recorded calls and store them in list or calendar format, you can even put a password on your recordings, record calls automatically and shares recorded calls via email, messenger, etc and it is even integrated with Dropbox and Google drive to easily save all your recordings which is a great feature for any call recording app.

8. Automatic Call Recorder

Price: Free

Size: 9 Mb

Rating: 4.1

Automatic Call Recorder is a free call recording app which can record all your incoming and outgoing calls and recorded calls can easily be shared on major social media platforms and ACR also supports blacklist in which you can select some contacts which are to be ignored and you can even organize all your recorded calls by time, date or duration and can even directly save recorded calls into your sd card which can come very handy while saving some space in your device.


9. Voice Recorder (Splend Apps)

Price: Free

Size:  3 Mb

Rating: 4.3

In Voice Recorder by Splend Apps, you get many different formats to record or save calls which means you can easily record and save calls in a lower format which take slightly less space and you can even control recorder and player from the status bar and can easily share recorded calls via emails and other apps and also customize your recording folder and organize recording by name, duration or size.

You get to record calls and save space both in this app.

10. Otter Voice Notes

Price: Free up to 600 Mins

Size: 8 Mb

Rating: 4.8

Otter’s Voice Notes is a free recording app and what makes it different from other call recording apps is that you can record calls instantly by using widgets and other shortcuts and you can even start recording inside a group for a live transcript and play at the adjustable speed which means you can play recorded audio at a different speed according to your preference but it is only free up to the 600 minutes of transcription and then if you want to continue using the service you can purchase its monthly subscription.

10 Free Call Recorder Apps For Android

Below are some of the best call recorder apps for Android that are available today.

  1. Cube ACR:
  2. Smart Recorder:
  3. Truecaller :
  4. Call Recorder by lovekera
  5. RMC Call Recorder:
  6. Blackbox Call Recorder:
  7. All Recorder Lite 2020:
  8. Automatic Call Recorder:
  9. Voice Recorder by Splend Apps:
  10. Otter’s Voice Notes:

This was our list of the best call recorder apps for Android. Now that you’ve known that you can record calls on your smartphone more efficiently and use these apps for saving your important conversations then make sure to read laws before recording any call and also remember that your call recording is not harming anyone’s privacy cause when someone calls you it’s more private than the public do remember that.