Emulators! I know everyone is in search of the best android emulator for windows, be it a gamer or a developer. They serve a great purpose on a computer. But of course, the problem arises when there are too many of them available on the net. Choosing the right one might be a hard job. So here I am, today, with the list of Best Android Emulators for Windows 10!

Best Android Emulators for Windows 10

An emulator is a piece of code that allows other software to run on the host computer. There are various types of emulators. An android emulator is one that mimics android features, apps, and games on a computer.

Below given are the 10 best android emulators for windows.


BlueStacks is the most widely used emulator on a computer, mainly because it is compatible with both windows and mac. It also receives regular updates and has many features, though it mainstreams on games. It supports 97% of what is available in the Google Play store, thus garnering the most attention among gamers. The best part is it is completely free.

Download it for the best usage of the Play store on a computer.

2. ANDY:

Andy is a relatively new android emulator for windows, though it is fast-growing and has garnered a lot of attention, thus featuring in this list. It provides the best experience overall consistently by packing in all of the android features that rivals a smartphone.

Some of the best features include using your smartphone as a joystick or remote control. It also features huge storage capacity, windows and mac compatibility, and the liberty to play popular android games on your PC without trouble.

So do download for some exquisite features!


Nox is another android emulator for windows that do not cost you for installation. It is specifically made for gaming and offers a great gaming experience. It is well and best equipped for playing huge games like PUBG, COD, Justice league, etc. It is also a widely trusted and extremely stable emulator.

So, if playing android games is all you need, then go for it!


Remix OS is also another new free emulator in the market, though it is nothing like the other emulators. Rather, it is an OS that you can boot into. Remix needs to be installed separately unlike its counterparts. It also focusses on gaming aspects.

Remix OS is unique since it has got some special features like playing multiple games or multitasking which is not possible in any other emulator. It is also good for productivity apps but does not support heavy gaming.

5. MEmu:

MEmu is another powerful android emulator consisting of several features that can be easily accessed on a computer. It is also a relatively new emulator in the market. Having launched in 2015, it also prioritizes gaming.

MEmu’s most important feature is it supports both AMD and Intel chips. It also supports Jelly bean, Kit kat and Lollipop versions of android. Its speed is comparable to Nox and BlueStacks. Multiple games can also be played using this emulator. If you are in for games like Pokemon or want to use productivity apps, then this emulator is one to consider.


Genymotion is an emulator that is specifically designed for developers packing a high-performance visualization platform for developing android apps. It emulates various apps including games and productivity tools on various android devices, without specifically owning them on your computer. We can also test the apps in various versions of android.

For example, you can test Nexus One with either Android 4 or Android 6. Compatibility is a great feature of Genymotion. So, for those developers with not so powerful computers, Genymotion is an excellent choice for testing and developing apps and games!


Phoenix OS came after the closure of Remix OS by Jide. It is also one of the latest android emulators for computers in the market. It supports both gaming and productivity apps, bragging a desktop-like gaming experience. Phoenix OS operates on the Nougat version of Android which is a relatively new version and is modern for an android emulator.

In addition to this, Kannon reviewed it to be a better emulator for Windows 10, so you can surely go for it!


Prime OS can be said to be an alternative to Remix OS, though it cannot exactly be called, an emulator. It is an Operating system which, we install and run as a partition and it speeds up our android.

It boasts of great gaming and productivity experience. It has a great interface and resembles closely to Chrome OS. It also features multitasking and keyboard mapping. So do install it for an amazing experience from an Indian startup!


Android Studio is another emulator that is specifically designed for developers to test their apps, games, and tools. It comes with a lot of tools as well to assist developers in their developing process.

But since its setup and interface is very complex, it is not best-suited for a consumer. So, if you want an emulator especially for testing and developing purposes, then this emulator is a good choice!



Featuring the last in this list, and certainly not the least compared to any other emulator mentioned above is the KO player. This emulator also focusses on the lag-free gaming experience. It operates on the Lollipop version of Android, meaning it can support a lot of apps.

It is also easy to set up and is cost-free. So, if you want an emulator with a simple UI and a good experience with an easy-to-setup feature, then go for KO player.

Free Android Emulators for Windows 10

Below is the exhaustive list of the best android emulator for windows.

  2. ANDY
  5. MEmu


The above-mentioned emulators are some of the best android emulators for windows right now available on the internet and are free of cost. They have the best features and are easily accessible and usable.

So, feel free to choose anyone depending on your requirements and have an amazing experience!