Word of Mouth as Online Marketing Strategy

Word of Mouth Influence Marketing

One of the proven strategies in online marketing is by word-of-mouth. In fact, many businesses allocate their budget to social media and blogs, from nine percent in 2009 to seventeen percent in 2011. Even according to the forecast on the marketing budget in the United States, it has doubled from 1.5B dollars in 2008; 1.7B dollars in 2009; 1.9B dollars in 2010; 2.2B dollars in 2011; 2.5B dollars in 2012; and 3B dollars in 2013. As you can see, there is a dramatic increase in the budget that is used to mainly target the people to buy or purchase a certain product.

How Consumers Spend Their Time

Apart from it, it goes to show that people consume their time differently. When shopping, they consume almost one-point eight hours while in browsing, they also consume two point three hours. In the news, they spend their time for nearly two point seven hours. While in gaming, they likely spend two point nine hours. In multimedia, they spend three point seven hours. Some of them are also interested on email as they spend their time for almost four point four hours. The time that they devote most of their time is on social media, wherein they spend almost four point six hours.

How Social Media Influences

In regard with the use of social media; there are those who have a great influence on the purchasing behavior of the people. It shows that bloggers influence them with twenty-six percent; retailers with thirty-five percent; brands with thirty-eight percent; online friends with thirty-nine percent; experts with fifty-one percent; and friends with fifty-five percent and the people who like a particular individual with fifty-five percent.

As you can see, the social media with the people who simply like a particular individual has the highest percentage. It only shows that when a person (or the product that he sells) has many likes, there is a tendency that people will be attracted in buying it. In effect, there will be a lot of income on the part of the marketer.

Understanding Influence Marketing

Influence marketing is truly focused on influencers or key individuals instead of the whole market. It has its aim to create a proven strategy that effectively influences the potential clients. In fact, twenty percent to fifty percent of the overall purchasing decisions from the people come from the strategy of word of mouth.

Furthermore, eighty-two percent of those who decide to purchase a certain product have been influenced by a lot of reviews. Almost forty-three percent have confirmed for original purchase and have changed their opinion regarding a specific product. On the other hand, nine percent of the people are too confused or did not even purchase after reading.

On the other hand, people who became a follower or a fan are likely to purchase in Facebook with sixty-seven percent than in Twitter, with only fifty-one percent. They are also likely to suggest or recommend after becoming a follower or fan in Facebook with seventy-nine percent than with Twitter with sixty percent. Consumers also tend to spend more time, with one minute out of eight minutes and even share a content once in a week.