Importance of Local Reviews Online

Local businesses must think of effective strategies to be at par with competitors. Likewise, online reviews are proven to be a good tactic in making businesses more successful.

Pet Stores

Pet stores are also catching up with the popularity of online reviews. They are aware of product review websites like, and feedbacks from Twitter. These review websites are important because pet services and products can be posted and be read by customers.

Apart from it, the blogs related to pets keep on growing their influence to consumers. When consumers read positive reviews about pet products, they can instantly be attracted to purchase them. They will no longer hesitate because the reviews are sourced out from the users.

Pet blogs also have their power as there was a recall on pet foods, in 2007. Pet Sit USA, Dolittler and Pet Connection are blogs that continue to further provide high-quality comments that relate on all pet issues and news. They are still expanding their depth on the pet website. So far, there is an increase in the quality bloggers for pet. The best ones are easier to get to on the list of website Alltop pets.

Apart from pet stores, auto shops are also reliable on online reviews. The only scary part is when negative comments still remain in these websites forever. They may still be available for customers as they search on the business name.

Auto Shop

Anything that is written online becomes a part of the online reputation of the auto-shop business. The write-up is used by consumers in judging the business’ trustworthiness and reliability. Whatever form or type of advertising, the online reputation will always have an influence on how effective the marketing works.

On the other hand, the trust factor and reputation of the company must be clearly supported by thirty-party or external reviews. People are helped in believing the things that they read on websites.

Electronic Stores

For electronic stores, almost forty-three point seven percent of online reviews have the largest influence or impact on electronic purchases. The word of mouth also affects the purchases of consumers.


For dentists, unbiased online reviews from previous patients and recommendation by a friend are the excellent way to look for a dentist. As such, an effective word of mouth is an influential thing. This is also the reason why many review websites are exceptionally popular. At the present, dentists started to hold on to the technology.

Referrals and recommendations from happy and satisfied customers are still the excellent method for getting new customers. Another next source is satisfied and well-written customer testimonials and reviews.

Effectively Promoting Your Business

On the other hand, there are thirteen ways to effectively promote the local business for free such as Google Local, Google Base, Google Coupons, Get Reviews, Yahoo Local, Press Releases,, Free Directory Advertising, Free Blog Promotion Tools, Creating a Lens at Squidoo, Email Signatures, Syndicate Your Ideas and Content and Email Signatures.

More so, customer reviews further improve the ranking of local businesses. They inform people that businesses with fewer reviews may not get good ranking. However, positive reviews may encourage further investigation and click through.