Gen Y Consumer Purchasing Trends

Generation Y is said to spend about $20 billion on online purchases every year. The 90% of the entire generation owns computers and 45% have internet connection on their mobile devices. These make it easy for them to buy anything over the internet. Online shipping has become a common activity engaged y by many individuals these days and this opens wider buying opportunities to online buyers.

Shopping Habits

It was discovered that 4 out of 5 primary daily activities includes technology use and Generation Y is one of the existing generation that completely understand this. Online shopping is one common activity facilitated on daily basis by some individuals. This is when they get the chance to buy knit cap to promote youthful passion, purchase accessory to legitimize creativity claims and to buy apps that can even guide them to where they are going.

Generation Y is 30% trend setters and creators, 34% critics, 18% collectors, 57%v joiners, 54% spectators and 17% inactives. Each group has their own endeavors where they aim to excel as one regardless of the different activities they are in. Taking for instance buying online, Generation Y people have their reasons and purpose why they purchase.

The Influence of Technology

As you will notice, this generation pays attention to facebook, music and texting device. Based on statistics, 9 out of 10 Generation Y individual owns and electronic device. The 50% auto purchases and 90% apparel purchases are said to be attributed to the influences of Generation Y. They purchase skinny jeans for fashion statement but some individuals under this generation purchases these as external placement of keys.

Building Brand Relationships

One interesting thing about this generation is that they desire authentic relationship with the seller of the products they purchase. More than 50% of them are willing to share valuable information about the products to their friends. This is an attitude displayed by Generation Y-ers that seems to be interesting. This only means that they are not only after buying but also building relationships.

Generation by generation, individuals tend to display different buying behavior. Every generation has also specific reasons why they decide to buy. If you are well versed about Generation Y, you will probably notice these things and you will easily determine the things that set them apart from other generation.

If you are not familiar with generation Y, you will find it hard to dig deep on all the aspects connected to it. It is therefore essential to learn and widen your familiarity about this generation. Generation Y is a demographic cohort followed by Generation X. There are really no precise dates but it is believed that this includes individuals born between 1980’s to 2000’s.

This generation is somehow said to be relative to Baby Boomers but some specific factors set the distinctions. Generation Y is responsible for creating impact on the economy and political system of the country. Individuals living under this generation have different lifestyle, works, education, age bracket and activities. These things are said to be determinants of their participation, creativity and uniqueness.