Engaging Fans on Facebook

Identifying Facebook Advocates

Facebook advocates are the top 5% of engaged fans and serve as the ozone layer of the Facebook brand community ecosystem. Facebook advocates matter because almost 80% of them create contents that feed the platform’s brand community. If the brand or business replies to a fan’s comment, that fan is more likely 425% positively engaged with the brand in the next ten days. This means that if your Facebook fans commented on your post, you need to make a comment back in order for them to get the information that they need out of your brand.

How to Find Facebook Advocate?

Nudge Them
Acknowledge an influential fan directly if they comment on your post with a like, give you personalized reply or give you any customizable action. This way, you will make your fans feel important. Engage with them and stay connected with them as possible as you can. Fans that are influential have a huge number of contacts and there’s a possibility that he/she will get the word out of your business to his contact lists.

Foster Them
Foster your Facebook advocates by supporting a fan dialogue. However, you need to keep in mind not to dominate the conversation or else, they will leave with a bad impression about you.

The Advocate Retention

Benchmark and Measure
Keep in mind to study leading brands related to your brand, but do not forget to look for your closest competitors to benchmark. Remember that performance measures like percentage and engagement is the primary indicator of a successful brand. Engage the people that give your comment likes, especially those influential people.

Give Incentives and Rewards
You can swap out discount rewards and blanket offers with genuine authentic token of appreciation. Advocates that get the word out of the brand to the world in order to receive financial incentives are rare. Instead, give them critical information about your brand. This will help them assist other consumers to make a better buying decision or convince other people to buy your brand, product or service.

Become a Champion
Create clear, compelling prompts to encourage users to generate content for your brand and drive participation among your fans. Brand relevant stories told by real customers are highly powerful in influencing a consumer’s buying decision. Give your advocates a space on your page to post their own thoughts about your brand and this will help them get the word out of your brand into the world.

Take note that not all fans are created equal. You must focus on engaging and retaining your advocates so that they will stay connected to you. Also, you must understand the different types of advocates. This way, you would know how to feed them or help them in making their word-of-mouth advertising campaign. Give more attention to advocates with more social influence. Influential advocates have a high number of contacts and large social networks. If you stay connected with them, you can ensure that your brand will have increased exposure in a short period of time.