US Mobile Commerce Statistics

US Mobile Commerce Sales: Statistics and Trends

The increase of sales on mobile devices can no longer be halted. Hence, there is no surprise why the innovation of these devices greatly boost in the recent times. In fact, this innovation has made it possible for people to shop for their desired items merely with the use of their mobile devices. This has been one of the hottest topics on craze these days.

Mobile commerce is gradually taking its popularity over ecommerce. It has actually been anticipated that by the year 2015, the mobile commerce retail sale in the US will account for 24 percent of the total ecommerce sales. This estimation is based on the statistics of the development of the M-commerce in the previous years. For instance, in year 2012, there are $224.18 billion of total sales in ecommerce on which 11 percent of which primarily come from M-commerce. This 11 percent mainly falls to $24.66 billion. This percentage has even increased on the succeeding year obtaining 15 percent of the total e-commerce sales. This increase in percentage is expected to rise continuously up until the year 2016 that will probably increase up to 24% of the total ecommerce sales.

The percentage of M-commerce sales may from a certain device to another. According to statistics, consumers are likely to use their tablets when shopping online instead of a typical Smartphone. Since there is an increased production of tablets in the industry, it is also expected that its use for online shopping will also increase in the succeeding years to come.

Consumers have different reasons why they consider the possibility offered by mobile shopping. Based on statistics, 73 percent of the mobile shoppers think that such activity is timesaving, 19 percent of them admit that with mobile shopping it made them easy location of good deals, 69 percent of them can perform it on-the-go, 63 percent of consumers say that they can do it while multitasking and 55 percent of them say they took away the tiresome waiting in line.

Not all mobile shoppers do the same. Some of them visit different sites and pages to complement their shopping experience. A mobile shopper might spend 27 percent of his total shopping time on retailer apps, 20 percent on online marketplace, 13 percent on daily deals, 17 percent on a purchase assistant, 14 percent on price comparison and the remaining 9 percent on other concerns.

With the growing trend offered by online shopping don on mobiles, it is expected that by the year 2015, 81 percent of the total mobile phone users in the US will have their own Smartphones. To support this anticipation, there are in fact 62 percent of Smartphone users who said that they have bought physical items through the use of their mobile phones within the previous 6 months. There are also 74 percent of retailers online that have been developed, while 48 percent of US retailers hold their mobile-optimized websites.

Out of this, 15 percent have deployed an iPad app, 15 percent for an Android app and 35 percent for an iPhone app.