Social Media and Consumer Purchasing

Influence of Social Media to U.S. Consumer’s Buying Decisions

According to the recent survey conducted by Empathica Consumer Insights Panel, mobile and social customer experience is becoming important for brands. There were 6, 500 U.S. retail consumers interviewed and the majority of them say that social media has played an important role or has a huge influence to their buying decision even if they were already at the store.

Based on the survey results, online tools influence U.S. retail consumer shopping experiences in many ways. About 55% of consumers say that they bought a brand because it was linked to Facebook, 27% of them checked the location of the store using a mobile location app, 26% of them downloaded a particular brand’s application and 8% of them influenced other consumers because they tweeted the brand or their experience about the brand.

The era of social media is continually arising and it’s not long before it dominates the major advertising platforms. Today, it’s no longer used as an ordinary means of communication to keep people connected with their family, friends and colleagues anywhere in the world. Businesses have seen the importance of social media in marketing their brands and increasing their annual sales.

According to the survey, 37% of the U.S. consumers have visited the brand’s official website through their mobile phones, 31% of them purchased a discount coupon for a specific brand through a group buying website and 10% of them are following a specific brand on Twitter. With this stats, you can say that social media has leveled up and is becoming an effective platform to advertise brands, products and services.

Social Media: Driving Traffic to Your Website

Based on the survey results, the majority of U.S. shoppers said that social media networks have influenced the traffic that’s going in and out on a particular online store. With businesses and brands using social media as their advertising tool, it is now possible to drive social media users to their website. Facebook has influenced a recent store visit by 73%, Google Reviews 38%, Groupon 35%, Yelp 23%, Twitter 14 % and Foursquare 5%.

Usage to the U.S. Shoppers of Mobile Devices in Stores

While social media influences the U.S. shoppers’ buying decisions, mobile devices also affect their decisions. According to survey results, shoppers have been suing their mobile devices to make their buying decision, even if they were at the store. About 55% of U.S. shoppers said that they use their mobile devices to compare prices, 34% use a mobile device to scan QR code, 27% use mobile devices to find a consumer review, 19% download an application, 17% complete a survey, 9% use mobile phone to write a product review and 8% Tweet or share their shopping experience.

With the many uses of social media to U.S. shoppers, there’s no time to waste. Take advantage of this opportunity to advertise and market your business in different social media platforms. With this, you will not just advertise your product for free, but also reach potential consumers beyond the reach of traditional advertising platforms.