Convert Influencers to Advocates

Turning Influencers to Advocates

Today, organizations are looking forward to how influencer marketing can help them achieve success in doing business online. Organizations and businesses are extending their efforts to find out who their key influencers are, engage with them and get them talking about their brands. However, getting in touch with these influencers and making them talk about your brands are not enough to achieve your goals. The key is to convert them to brand advocates, but how can you do that? Below are tips that can help you convert influencers to brand advocates.

Identify the Right Influencer

The topical influence must be considered when identifying your online influencer to engage with. Identify the people with the most powerful influence online. There may be people popular on Facebook. It does not mean that they are also popular in other social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter and Sharepoint. You can use online tools to identify the people online with powerful influence within topics related to your brand or business. This can give you a good start.

Listen and Learn Thoroughly

Listen about the things that your influences are talking about and determine the best possible way to engage to what they are saying. Knowing what’s in the front-of-mind of your influences in one moment of time is crucial. This is the only way you can understand what they are talking about and know how and when to engage with them. This will also help you determine where to position yourself along their path to advocacy.


Engage with your influence by turning your insights to action. Match relevant marketing content to your influence at the right time. Remember that timely and targeted collateral is an effective tool to build brand awareness and loyalty among influencers. Upon developing your engagement strategy, you need to include offline engagements. Arranging lunch meetings and events is highly effective to engage with your influencer.

Stay Connected

Stay engaged and engaging at all times as possible. You need to understand that the heart of influence engagement is developing a relationship with a real person. Sending a product sample to your influencer and not making efforts to receive feedback does not count as an engagement. Staying connected and nurturing your relationship with your influencer can help you give them a deeper understanding and appreciation with your brand and take you closer to making them your advocate.

Don’t Forget to Measure

Measuring or knowing the results of your efforts on influencer engagement is crucial to understanding, which among your efforts has the greatest effects to your influencer to advocate campaign. It is also a key factor to convincing your boss that you are making progress and generating investment returns.

Follow these tips and you are a few steps away from converting your influencers to advocates. Take note that developing successful influencer-brand relationship takes time, effort and money. You can use online tools and analysis to ensure that you can achieve your goals little by little. Once you have converted your influencers to advocates, you will see a significant improvement in any aspect of your business like the sales and investment returns.