Best Marketing Blogs to Read

By learning from successful marketers, you can also become a highly successful marketer. But how can you learn from them? It’s easy as you just need to determine who are the most successful marketers today and read their blogs. Below are the top 10 B2B marketers and their marketing blogs that can give you ideas on how to achieve success in B2B marketing.

Brian Solis – Brian Solis is an NYT bestselling author, consultant and speaker. His blogs involves the topics of social media, emerging business and technology. His blogs will teach you about the authorities in social business and how new technology is shaping marketing and business today.

Paul Gillin – Paul is a columnist, a speaker, author and a B2b social media consultant. His blogs involve the topic social media, B2B marketing and open enterprise. Consulting big brands and delivering intelligent coverage of crucial B2B strategy ideas and marketing trends are among the values of his blog.

Seth Godin – Seth is a bestselling author, a marketing guru, entrepreneur and a lecturer. The topics of his blogs involve social media, business strategy and branding. He is one of America’s greatest marketers and his blogs will take you deep into the big picture thoughts of branding.

Amy Porterfiled – Amy is a marketing expert, educator and author. Her blogs evolve around the topic content marketing and social media. She is a powerful social media influencer and you can get tons of ideas for business marketing from her.

Ann Handley – Ann is an author, speaker and content chief at Marketing Profs. Her blogs are about social media and marketing. She is one of the most influential women in social media and her blogs are a source for essential social tactics and strategies.

Jay Baer – Jay Baer’s blogs are resource for great topics on accelerating your content and social media marketing. His blogs involve social media and content marketing and he is a speaker, consultant and bestselling author. – This is a multi-awarded analytics software provider. The blogs you can find here involves the topic analytic testing and social marketing. The site is a resource for the latest measurement and testing, information on B2B content directed to customer understanding and practical marketing ideas.

Jeremiah Owyang – His blogs are about web technology, social business and collaborative economy. Jeremiah is an analyst, a researcher, speaker and web strategist. His blogs will show you the highly praised social media marketing strategy and new emerging technologies. – This is a community blog site managed by Moz SE Software Consulting. Blogs that you can find here are about SEO, analytics and inbound marketing. This blog community is filled with professional members sharing excellent strategic and technical content. – This is a multi-author blog site by Marketo software makers. Blogs here are about content marketing, B2B marketing and marketing automation. Blogs here can help big industries to deliver their visions on B2B most important issues.

These top 10 marketing blogs will help you become a successful marketer by learning about the different and most important thoughts on B2B marketing, making impact online, content marketing and social media marketing.