Facts About Brand Advocates

With the age of social media starting to emerge immensely, the power of advertising has shifted from the hands of giant companies to brand advocate consumers who frequently recommend products and brands without being paid. The new study sponsored by Zubeance revealed that brand advocates have more power to advertising compared to different advertising platforms.

Brand advocates are highly active, have large social network and recommend both business and consumer products.

1. Brand Advocates Are Highly Active

About 16% of them recommend more than 15 brands in a year while others recommend more than ten brands a couple times a year, about once a month, about once per week and several times a week. About 30% of all brand advocates recommend brands, products and services weekly or more.

The study also shows that brand advocates have many industries, making them highly powerful in terms of business advertising. Brand advocates industries include:

• Technology
• Restaurant and Dining
• Food Beverage and Tobacco
• Entertainment and Leisure
• Household Items
• Health and Fitness
• Travel and Hospitality
• Automotive
• Fashion and Apparel

2. Brand Advocates Have Extremely Large Social Network

They have an average of 200-450 members in their social community and 15% of them have more than 500 people in their social network. Online brand advocates recommend social networks, review sites and even online stores. On top of that, each online advocate has 300-600 contacts on their social network.

3. Brand Advocates Recommend Both Business Products and Consumers

According to the study, 67% of brand advocates recommend both consumer and business products while 31% of them recommend consumer products and services only. This includes products like electronics, cars, hotels, movies, restaurants and movies.

The study also states that there is a segment of brand that advocates are extremely active. There are about 155 of brand advocates or advocates that recommend a single brand from time to time. There are also advocates that recommend dozens of products, brands and service several times each week. And to top all, power advocates recommend brands, products and services to over 500 people in their social network.

What Happens When Advocates Recommend Brands, Products and Services?

The study concludes that brand advocates impact purchases. About 61% of consumers will consider purchasing the brand, product or service that advocates recommend, 22% of consumers will buy the product, service or brand and 17% of consumers don’t know what their decision will be.

Online Tools Used by Online Advocates for Recommending

• Email 57%
• Facebook 35%
• E-Commerce and Third Party Websites 5%
• LinkdIn 1%
• Blog 1%
• Twitter 1%

Brand advocates can help you drive advocacy and sales to your business. B2B marketers need them to energize other potential brand advocates. But how can you get them? Can you buy them? No, you can’t buy them and don’t even attempt to pay or provide financial incentives to them. According to the study, only 1% of consumers say they recommend because they get rewards and incentives. About 50% of them recommend because they have a good experience with the business product or service and 31% of them want to help others in making the right buying decision.