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Word of Mouth Marketing Impact and Influence

People are more focused to building their most successful businesses. Likely, they think and rethink of the best strategies to further attract the attention of customers around. They are also aware that word- of- mouth marketing is the best strategy in this fast-paced society. Either online or offline, this marketing strategy has its best influence in the purchasing decisions of the people.

From travel to soap, word-of-mouth has its direct impact in the decision-making process of people. The reason behind it is that many people like to talk about different topics; family, friends, careers and the normal stuffs before they make their final decision. Oftentimes, they like to talk about certain services and products such as the newest iPhone.

A Proven Method

Actually, the word of mouth marketing is a proven business action that receives good customer feedbacks and recommendations after great experiences are delivered and preferences are built.

In fact, recommendations made online and offline are a great way to further increase income and sales. Just imagine in America, three point three billion people are more likely to talk about branded products as compared to two point four billion people on brand-related conversations.

Nine in ten conversations about certain brands take place offline. Even the usual American talks about a particular brand sixty times for each week in offline and online conversations. Just imagine, as they keep on talking to other people, those people whom they talk to will be attracted to try and purchase the branded product. This is how powerful word of mouth marketing is.

What the Facts Say

People who often talk about a certain service or product make the conversation even positive. The good thing is that people are talking more about the product.

As a matter of fact, almost sixty-six percent of the brand-related conversations by word of mouth are mostly positive. Eight percent of which are mostly negative. The online review on the average has four point three stars out of five.

Nevertheless, individuals are more likely interested to hear about interesting and new products. Before they even make a purchase, they first pay attention to what people say about it. They also consider the negative and positive opinions about the product.

Actually, word of mouth has its great influence in the purchasing decision of consumers with fifty-four percent; website information with forty-seven percent; email from a friend with forty-two percent; and thirty-one percent for online review.

Consumer Influence by Other Consumers

Word of mouth is the best influential force that drives the purchasing decisions of the individuals and society today. However, the credibility of word of mouth is relatively higher with offline rather than online with only forty-nine percent. Fifty-five percent of people further recommend a certain company for its service while twenty-seven percent of them would likely pay fifteen percent to receive an excellent customer experience.

With the mentioned information above, WOMM is a crucial factor in digital and physical channels. Even though the technology advances, the traditional conversations and interactions still continue to be a significant aspect in swaying consumers.

Thus, word-of-mouth marketing simply shapes the businesses in attracting more customers!