Women in Social Media Statistics

The Role of Women in Social Media

Social networking sites are now the easiest means of communicating with one’s friends and family members. That is why majority of people nowadays already have their own accounts in these social networking sites. However, did you know that women are the primary users of these sites?

Yes, that is true. This fact is also one that marketers want to take advantage of. For marketers, this an opportunity that must not be taken for granted. With females considered as the low hanging-fruit of the social media today, it is just fair that marketers must provide closer attention to them.

With women exceeding even the percentage of male social media users, a new segment in the market has been made. It is for this reason that a study has also been made, one that is led by the Weber Shandwick firm along with KRC Research. The study is about Digital Women Influencers. It is a study meant to determine the segments of women who hold influence when it comes to social media. The study is also meant to provide unique and new insights regarding the female market while communicators and marketers are also evolving their plans and strategies.

North American Women and Social Media

In North America, the population of women who have accounts in social networking sites reached about 68%. Among the known sites, Facebook is the most prevalent that these women have an account on. These women are also spending about 12 hours of their time using social media sites every week. There are some who even stated that they came to know some of their friends through these sites.

Social Media and Women: Emotional Return on Investment

On the study conducted, some women even stated that they are enjoying their time spent on social network sites just like when they are doing some live social activities. Some even reported that they enjoy it more than the time they spend with their partner or when dating. At such, using social media not only helped women have fun, but also manage their time, most especially their relationships.

62% of women liked the fact that social media is giving them the chance to choose who they talk to and when they do it. Based on the study, there are 75% of women who are using social networking sites like Facebook. Concerning that, there were also women who stated that they prefer socializing through these sites rather than in person.

The Influence of Women in Social Media

With the percentage of women using these sites, it is no doubt that they became influential now. It is a kind of influence that marketers and businessmen can take advantage of and benefit from. How did they become influential? There is a higher percentage of women who often like and recommend products and services being offered online than the women’s total population. Thus, they can very well help in serving as a company’s brand advocates.

The good thing about this fact is that, other than engaging in social media activities, these women are also often spending their time watching TV offline. It only means that once a program for brand engagement is integrated to all media outlets, the campaign will be more effective.

Through this information, the only thing that marketers and businessmen have to know is to determine which social media is mostly being used by women depending on their range. Once that is determined, a marketing campaign will be designed much easier.