Driving Social Influence

In 2011, it was established that there were more than 500 billion impressions generated by consumers. These impressions were about services and products and ones that were done through the use of social media. That is what the power middle is all about.

It is now a trend that even Nielsen stated as a powerful one. It is a social media described by consumers as the trust earned media, which includes word-of-mouth and those forms of recommendations that came from one’s family and friends. As a powerful social media trend, it is already trusted by 92% of consumers from the global market. Thus, marketers and businessmen are now following the trend.

Social Endorsements

It is one that comes in several forms including creates, Likes, shares, tweets and comments. If they do and perform it, it will be an added brand social engagement, which will lead to increased sales for the marketer and businessman. Performing these social media activities are also done by people called social influencers.

Social influencers are the ones who are creating brand endorsements in a direct manner so that it can be seen by their audiences. Through this act, the influencer’s audience will drive endorsements by means of engaging with influencer content. Social influencer or the process of it uses the same concept as word-of-mouth.

What the Power Middle Can Do

Through the power middle, you can earn 2.5k to 25k of unique visitors in a monthly manner. These visitors will be driven and present in various social media sites including Tweeter, Facebook, Tumbler, Pinterest and many more. Once these visitors are realized, it will increase your social media engagement rate of up to 16 times. That benefit is incomparable to the result you will gain from paid media and even those owner alternatives.

Power Middle Influencers: Influence

In the social media aspect, influence became a mostly used term. It is a word defined as the combination of resonance, relevance and reach.

Using this combination together with the power middle campaign, in just three months, with the help of 100 influencers who drives 1k action, a total of 30 to 40 thousand of social endorsements are delivered to millions of the customers. This is enabled through the following steps.

The Steps in Untapping Social Influencers

1. Find the Right Influencers: The one you should be looking for is the power middle influencers. You can start this by creating a profile of your ideal influencer. Consider the age, gender, location, vertical and the average audience size. Work with influencers where brand content improvement is needed. Make sure to balance influencers on long-tail platforms where the contents will be discovered.

2. Reach Out to Influencers: This step must also be done in the right way. You can do this through emailing. Keep the email as simple as possible by introducing your brand and why it is interesting. Do not forget to describe the mutual value exchange, then follow-up.

3. The Mutual Value Exchange (Social Currency): It is divided in different categories: content; products, sampling; unique experiences, rewards; brand recognition, affiliation; and sweepstakes and giveaways. In this step, you can work with 10 to 30 professionals or 100 to 300 power middle professionals.

Making use of social influencers is already a trend that every marketer and businessmen must follow. By combining the provided information, within just a small period of time, social influence will surely be driven and achieved.