Guide to Reviews

The Review of Reviews

The reviews of different brands of products mainly affect the purchase decisions of most consumers. Likewise, the reviews have their direct and great impact on whether consumers will still be purchasing for more or not.

Seventy-five percent of most reviews that are posted on different review websites are likely positive. On the other hand, ninety-five percent of those unhappy customers tend to get back and purchase for more after certain issues are resolved efficiently and quickly. The reviews and ratings are considered as the second most crucial feature on websites.

Seventy-one percent of consumers agree that reviews allow them to be more at ease and comfortable with their purchasing the exact product. Also, eighty-two percent of consumers consider the reviews from previous users to be extremely valuable. This is according to the survey conducted by the United States for two-thousand four-hundred forty-five online consumers.

Sadly, ninety-percent of those unhappy customers will no longer transact with the same business or same company, ever. This is the downside of reviews made online. Once customers are completely dissatisfied or not contented, they are not anymore interested in any product sold or advertised online.

Eighty-six point nine percent of customers trust the recommendation of their friends. They will prefer the suggestion of a friend rather than a review made by a critic. This may be due to the reason that they have completely trusted their friends as compared to the critics.

On the other hand, eighty-three point eight percent of respondents said that they likely trust a review coming from the users and not the critics. Of course, consumers will firmly believe the opinions of previous users because they already tried the products. Whatever they have to say will affect the decisions of those who are interested to buy the products.

On the part of most businesses, seventy percent of the respondents are likely to consult ratings or reviews before they purchase products. They are interested to know more about the previous customers’ ratings. The ratings serve as their guide to being completely satisfied with the use of the product.

Forty-one percent of the respondents also said that they first red four to seven product reviews. After reading them, they can already feel comfortable and at ease with their purchase.

As part of their purchase decision, thirty percent of the respondents first conduct a research. Sixty percent also conduct research over a certain product for even a week or months. Sixty-three percent of consumers are far more interested to purchase from a website if it already has product reviews and ratings. Twenty-six percent of the top retailers also provide customer reviews and ratings to uplift their reputation to customers.

Ninety-six percent of these retailers also ranked their customer reviews and customer ratings as a proven and effective strategy in attracting more customers.

When the reviews talk about the quality of the product, individuals are more likely to pay ninety-nine percent or more because of excellent rating. With the customer reviews, an increase of about seventy-four percent in product conversion is seen.

Furthermore, ninety-two point five percent of adults also said that they occasionally or regularly research for online products before they purchase.

With the mentioned details above, this just proves that a highly-rated and highly-classified product will always increase the chances of purchase by fifty percent!