Facts About Millennial Generation

Based on research, Millenials are individuals whose age fall between 18 to 29 years old. If you are a Millenial, you are said to be tech savvy, socially liberal, educated and always excited for your future. Millenials are scattered all over the world and in United States alone, 50 million millenials are on the rise. Aside from Millenials , there are actually other types of generation namely Generation X, Baby Boomers and Silent Generation.

Common Age Demographics

It is known that Millenials are composed of individuals aging 18 to 29 years old. Other generations includes older ages taking for instance the Generation X which compromises of individuals aging 30 to 45 years old. Baby boomers are those aging 46 to 64 and Silent Generation whose age is 65 years old and above.

Diverse Generation

In American history, millennial is considered as the most diverse among all other generations. Each generation displays distinct characteristics that tend to define them. The things that set Millenials apart from the rest are music and pop culture and technology use. This generation has also their significant role in the political system of the country. Individuals under this generation are serious to choose the best leaders of the country.

Election Results

During the election, 60% of Millenials voted for Obama, while 50% voted from Gen X, and also 50% from Baby Boomers and Silent Generation. However, every generation has their own political viewpoints. About 50% of Americans believed that Obama failed to create a change on how Washington works, 60% blame the political opponents and 25% believed that it is Obama’s fault why things did not turn out the way they should be.

Lifestyle Impact

The lifestyle of Millenials is said to be strongly attached online. This generation is 75% on social media and networking site while 50% of Gen X is into these social sites as well. In the case of Baby boomers, 20% are also into social sites together with their parents and 06% from silent generation.

Based on recent statistics, Millenials are found to be less green as compared to Generation X people. About 69% of millennials recycle while 77% of Generation X individuals do. Only 53% of millennials purchase green while in Generation X it is 55% and about 36% buys organic while 38% from Generation X.


When speaking of education, 40% of Millenials aging 18 to 29 years old are enrolled in college. The 50% of the current enrollees have the desire to earn professional degree later on. You will notice that high percentage of women Millenials which is 21% will graduate as compared to men which is only 16%. The 48% of the population is composed of individuals with no degree wherein 36% of the entire percentage revealed that they cannot afford higher education and 35% revealed that they do not have the time to study.

The data about Millenials’ work is not that satisfying however some of them strongly states that their gloomy work scenarios are not their faults. The 36% of Millenials are depending on their families for support especially on financial aspects while only 06% of generation X people says the same thing. The unemployment rate is 37% but Millenials said that they will do better until they are successfully employed.