Forbes Top Social Media Influencers

Who are Forbes Top 50 Most Powerful Social Media Influencers 2013? People say that they are the individuals who have the bestselling book, persons who most influenced bigger brands or have been in the business for a long period of time. But you need to understand that social media is a highly democratizing form of communication and in order to assess influence, you need to determine who the top among equals is.

How Social Influencers Are Assessed

This means assessing the people who have real followers and real in the sense of real individuals and not just robots. It means real in the sense of the leader has active social media followers and not just consumers who are passive. Being able to get the essence of real social media followers can make a person an influence to other people. There are also several requirements in order to become a social media influencer – a person needs to create his/her own content and the content must be with the interest of social media users.

Forbes has pulled out the Top 50 Social Media Powers Influencers 2013. The top 10 most powerful social media influencers 2013 include Sean Gardner (1), Ann Tran (2), Jessica Northey (3), Mari Smith (4), Aaron Lee (5), John Paul Aguiar (6), Liz Satrauss (7), Warren Whitlock (8), Ted Coine (9) and Pam More (10).

In the top ten of fifty this 2013, all the influencers have more than one 135, 000 followers. This represents how influential they are among a group of peers in their region and across the entire country. These leaders are more motivational than others. They generate more inspirational messaging to motivational relationships and this is essentially part of becoming a social media leader.

The top fifty most powerful social media influencers is more gender balanced compared to the past years. Forbes top fifty social media power influencers 2013 has 26 males to 24 females ratio. These leaders came from different parts of the world including 41 from the United States, 3 from Canada, 3 from the UK, 2 from Australia and 2 from Asia. In addition, Boston has 6 people who became part of the Forbes top fifty social medial leaders 2013 more than elsewhere in the world.

The Most Powerful

The top ten most powerful social media influencers have bigger spread of scores in the remainder of the top fifty. Those scores are generated because of two reasons. First, once you are on the top spot, you will get more and more active followers and your position will reflect to your ability to generate more followers on a specific topic. Secondly, the dare presented by Forbes shows that the remaining 40 powerful social media influencers are in a very tight group and could rise quickly to the top.

The data presented by Forbes also show that the top 10 most powerful social medial influencers have a strong institutional base because they have been in the business for many years, while the remainder of the top fifty is self-starters. You can click on the link above to view the complete list of Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers 2013.