The Blogger Landscape

The Blogger Advocate Landscape

If you are looking for tips and tricks to working with different blogger verticals, then you are at the right place. But before you proceed, you may need to understand thoroughly what a blogger advocate is. A blogger advocate is a blogger that talks about a specific brand. They are bloggers that advertise your brand through word of mouth and you all know that word-of-mouth advertising is more weighted by consumers than traditional advertising methods. Blogger advocates have 2, 500 – 25, 000 social reach, have highly engaged audiences and are interested in brands that will reflect their audience’s interests.

Most Popular Blog Topics

Below are lists of most popular blogger verticals and the percentage of bloggers who are focused on a specific topic area.

1. Parenting – 23%
2. Food – 21.33%
3. Women’s Lifestyles – 20.66%
4. Entertainment – 19.10%
5. Fashion – 8.25%
6. Consumer Interest – 9.68%
7. Beauty – 6.07%
8. Healthy Living – 5.88%
9. Technology – 4.80%
10. Men’s Lifestyle – 3.91 %
11. Design/DIY – 3.77%
12. Travel – 3.17%
13. Sports – 2.46%
14. Music – 2.25%
15. Auto – 1.03%

Understanding Blogger Verticals

Aside from determining the different blogger verticals and knowing which among them has many advocates, you also need to know that there are many crossovers among blogging verticals. Always keep in mind to look for blogger advocates that work in tangential verticals in order for you to get connected with the best blogger advocate to your marketing campaign.

If you are working with bloggers with expertise on the topics relevant to women’s lifestyle, you may consider working with bloggers working on the topic of beauty, fashion, parenting and design/DIY. If you’re working with entertainment bloggers, you can collaborate with food, music, tech and consumer interest bloggers. People working with men’s lifestyle bloggers can consider working with entertainment, auto, tech and sports bloggers. Finally, businesses working with food bloggers may consider working with healthy living, parenting, travel and consumer interest bloggers.

Tips for Achieving Your Goals

Now that you have made contact with advocate bloggers and looking forward to working with them, you are a few steps away to achieving your goals. Below are tips that you can use to work with different blogger verticals.

Food Bloggers
You need to be creative in the kitchen. You can encourage your blogger to create new recipes by providing them with your kitchen tools and ingredients.

Entertainment Bloggers
When working with them, you need to understand that they are often motivated by VIP opportunities and exclusive contents. Invite them to related events or send them your special video content.

Tech Bloggers
Tech bloggers are interested in new technologies and they often like to post reviews about new devices. Provide encouragements to wiring lifestyle blogs that include the use of new devices in order to generate more interesting contents.

Healthy Living Bloggers
They are passionate and community oriented people. In order to work with them efficiently, you can provide them with positive experiences. Rest assured that they will get the word out to their community.

Parenting Bloggers
Parenting bloggers love to involve their family in their posts. When working with them, you need to extend the blogger’s personal interests by including their spouse and children’s interests.

These tips can help you work efficiently with different blogger verticals. Take note of them, apply them and you will see significant improvements in your business.