Brand Advocacy

Deep Look at Brand Advocacy

In social business, your fans are not just supporting your brand. They are your brand. New social technologies have made it possible for every individual to get their public voice and global voice heard by their rivals in any media company. When it comes to making a purchase online, consumers listen to their fellow consumers and not to traditional marketing ads. Word-of-mouth is becoming the primary form of advertising today and many businesses are scrambling on how to do it right.

Brand advocates are your brand and they are a big deal to your business. These advocates are elite customers that spread passion for the brand by way of aligning the product or service with their interests and daily activities. They are your brand ambassadors, so create a role for them, which can help you harness this naturally occurring passion for your brand from them. Give them the right tools and motivation in order to them to spread the word about their experience with your brand.

1. Brand Advocates Are Brand Activists

These are the people who are motivated by your brand to get the word out in the world. How can you motivate them to get the word about your brand? You can motivate them by encouraging them to participate in your brand experience through buzz-building activities and events.

2. Brand Advocates Are Your Marketing Partner

They are advocates who are encouraged to contribute business ideas and become part of the business innovation. These advocates are influential and can help you extend your marketing efforts into a huge group of potential customers. In order for your business to make use of these advocates, you must provide them with a public platform in order for them to make contributions to your business through product reviews, any form of product or marketing ideas.

3. Brand Advocates Are Licensed Informants

They are consumers who have particular expertise and are willing to use their knowledge to help others make a better buying decision. You can maximize their efforts in advertising your brand by working with them in an official context in order to support a peer-based buying and shopping.

4. Brand Advocates Are Reputation Managers

They are consumers who feel comfortable in defending their favorite brands in times of crisis. They are the most loyal customers and will still buy your brand despite the changes that may happen to your business. You can give them the power to defend your brand by providing them with critical and exclusive information about your brand, product or service.

5. Brand Advocates Are Customer Service Representatives

They are advocates who are recruited to improve the business sales force or to fulfill the company’s specific need. You can maximize their advocacy efforts by giving them incentives for their formal involvement in supporting your business customer service efforts.

Everyone can become a brand advocate as long as they have good experiences with your brand, product or service. Even influencers can become advocates and it’s for you to find out how to do it. Maximize the efforts of your brand advocates in getting the word out about your business by providing them with the tools that they need in doing it.