Online Shopping Trends

There were 500 online shoppers asked about their online shopping preferences and experiences. About 73% of them said that they buy at least half of their needs online and 66% of them prefer to shop at online stores rather than traditional offline stores.


Why do people shop online? According to the survey results, people shop online because of preferences. Positive customer reviews, negative customer reviews and retailer’s descriptions have made it easier for shoppers to decide whether to buy an item online or not. Based on survey results, 7 out of 10 people shop online because of better sales and promotions – 2 out of 3 consumers buy online because of the price factor and 4 out of 5 shoppers choose to buy online because of a broader selection. In addition, almost 455 online shoppers buy something from online stores that they never intend to purchase from traditional offline stores like sex toys, books with embarrassing titles and lingerie.


To receive the product through shipping is another reason why many shoppers are turning to shop online rather than on a traditional offline stores. About 96% of consumers prefer to shop online because of free shipping, 86% of shoppers buy online because of free returns and 79% of online shoppers choose to avail free shipping rather than discount offers.

Return Policy

Can you return an item that you brought online? Yes. In fact, most online stores do not just accept returned items, but they also offer money back guarantee on their signature products. However, this money back guarantee is only valid for a specific period of time and you need to return the item you bought within that time frame in order to get your money back. About 68 of shoppers choose to ship items back to online stores, 62% of online shoppers rarely return items they purchased online and 32% of online consumers prefer to return items they purchased to a physical store.

Customer Service

How do shoppers contact customer service? Almost 41% of online shoppers prefer to contact service through email, live chat 27%, phone call 25% and 7% of consumers have never contacted their online store’s customer service. Shoppers prefer to contact customer service through email as this is the easiest means of communication and they usually don’t have the time to get in touch with their online store. Also, other stores do not have live chat or have dead phone lines.

Social Media to Help Online Stores Customer Service

With social media dominating the online world, online retail stores have improved their customer service. Almost 47% of online consumers said that the customer service of their online retail store has changed for the better as a result of their posts on the store’s social media page. About 67% of consumers said the online stores respond quicker to their questions, 51% said their issues were resolved easily and 43% said that online stores listen to their opinions.

Preferences, shipping, return policy, customer service and social media are the primary aspects that influence a shopper’s buying decision.