Importance of Online Business Reviews

According to the marketing survey of American Express OPEN, small and local businesses can greatly rely on word-of-mouth as an excellent way for consumers to find them. On the other hand, local consumers also rely on the power of search engine when purchasing locally.

Local Business Searches

Taking a closer look, the survey reveals that there are ways through which people can search for local businesses. Almost eighty-two percent of customers rely on word-of-mouth, sixty-six percent rely on internet, thirty-seven percent also rely on advertising, twenty-three percent on yellow pages, and magazines or papers, seventeen percent on storefront, and twenty-one percent on others.

While eighty-two percent of customers heavily rely on word-of-mouth when searching for a small business; sixty-six percent do research over the internet.

People who are searching for a local business over the internet are doing it every day. Fifteen percent are not searching for them. Nine percent used the internet once while twenty-five percent used it two to five times. The survey also shows that seventeen percent of the people used it six to ten times. There are ten percent of people who used it every month while sixteen percent used it every week, and eight percent almost used it every day. Fifteen percent of most consumers also did not make use of the internet to search a local business in the past few years.

How to Determine the Quality of a Business

In determining whether a local business is such a good business, all consumers tend to read more online reviews. In fact, twenty-seven percent of online customers are reading them on a regular basis; forty-nine percent of them read online reviews occasionally; and twenty-four percent are not reading them at all. It is true that consumers are using online reviews to further determine the local business.

Opinions really matter. Consumers are more likely to rely on the many opinions uttered by other people. They even engage with local small businesses prior to the positive feedback and good opinions of the previous users.

Influence of Reviews

In regard with the influence of online customer reviews on a person’s opinion of a local business, fifty-eight percent said that positive reviews make them trust the business even more. However, twenty-five percent of those who have read the reviews are not influenced on the business to use. Seventeen percent also did not pay attention to online reviews.

More so, fifty-eight percent of all consumers put their trust on a local businesses which have good online reviews. This only means that if not for positive or good online reviews, local businesses may not continue their road to success.

Thus, positive reviews are helpful in establishing superior trust between shoppers and local business. As more customers depend on Internet before they commit to purchase, small businesses must ensure that their own online presence is a perfect one.

Business owners may likely consider adjusting their budget on advertising and utilizing extra funds to further provide a much better experience for consumers and shoppers. This will further help gather both positive or good online reviews and word-of-mouth liking.