Worldwide Shopping Statistics

The internet is the place where you can find almost everything that you need and it has transformed people’s way of living in many ways. It has changed so many aspects in people’s life, especially on how you shop for goods and services. While it’s still a nice idea to stop by at a particular store and touch products you want to purchase, nothing can beat the convenience of online shopping. The same goes for some services like buying concert tickets and booking. The availability of these services online has made people’s life more efficient and much easier than before.

Who Shops Online

The percentage of consumers who have shopped online by area is highly remarkable. Half of the North Americans said that they have made a purchase from online stores. Almost one-third of Latin Americans made purchases from online stores that also have offline stores. 47% of shoppers from Pakistan, Middle East and Africa said that they have never made a purchase online.

Most Commonly Purchased Items

With the convenience of online shopping, people are planning ahead for things to buy online in the future. Based on survey results conducted by Global Trends Shopping Nielsen Global Consumer Report, there were top five things that people intend to buy online in the near future. According to the survey results, books (44%) and clothing (36%) will continue to top the list of planned online purchases in the coming years. The intent of consumers to book tours and to purchase online tickets (32%) and make online hotel reservations (26%) is a clear sign that the world’s economy is improving. The intent of people to arrange travels online has seen a significant increase in recent years. The same goes to electronic equipment. People who shop online for electronic equipment have increased by 27%.

Product Reviews

One of the most remarkable benefits of online shopping is the availability of product reviews. Shoppers have the ability to read other consumer reviews about the product or service they intend to buy. Product reviews are opinions that are highly important when it comes to consumers who are purchasing electronics online. About 57% of respondents say that they consider product reviews prior to their online shopping decision. Customer reviews on electronics (57%), cars (45%) and software (37%) are considered as the top three most important influences when it comes to the consumer’s buying decisions.

How Global Consumers Compare

Based on survey results, shoppers on the East spend less in shopping online compared to consumers in the West. Shoppers in the Asia Pacific (49%) and shoppers in the Middle East (40%) said that they have made their purchases online compared to the majority of shoppers in South America (43%), North America (33%) and Europe (32%) who have made their online purchases.

With the convenience, efficiency and savings that people get from shopping online, these results are expected to increase significantly in the coming years. The economy is getting better and people are more capable of making purchases online like never before. Online stores also keep on multiplying, making it easy for people to access the goods and services that they need.