Cart Abandonment Facts

The art and trend for window shopping is not actually lost in the niche of online shoppers. Research shows that online shoppers are filling up their carts only to abandon these carts during the very last minute. Individuals will often think of the reasons why these shoppers tend to go away. It was found out that 67% of shopping carts are being abandoned prior to the completion of transaction.

Increased number of online shoppers revealed that they were unprepared to purchase during the moment or deterred by shipment fees either. Here are other reasons why shoppers abandon their carts:

• Unprepared to purchase-57% of shoppers abandon their carts because of this reason.
• Savings -56% of shoppers wanted to save that is why they become hesitant to shop.
• Costs of Shipping-55% of shoppers decide to go away because they find shipping fees costly.
• Amount or items do not qualify for free delivery and shipment-51% of shoppers find this enough reason to abandon their carts.
• Late listing of handling and shipping cost-this is one of the top reasons of 40% shoppers.

Free Shipping

Shipping really becomes an issue nowadays and aside from this, limited options for delivery stops shoppers from purchasing either. Online shoppers are always on the lookout for reliable services and fast delivery. The more that shoppers wait, the higher the tendency that they will not buy. Based on time of delivery, 38% of online shoppers abandoned carts i8 days or more, 24% tend to abandon in cases where no estimated date of delivery is provided. About 16% of online shoppers leave their carts 6 to 7 days, 14% 4 to 5 days and 8% for 3 days and below.

Respondents revealed that there are several check out and options that may persuade to buy. Some online shoppers said that free shipping and check out is important in terms of convincing them to buy. The options that shoppers desire to see and take advantage of are logging in for savings, free-shipping choices, desirable payment options, order history and other suggested terms.

Market the Right Way

Giving your shoppers the advantage is one excellent way of convincing shoppers to buy. Remember that shoppers are always in the lookout for the most economical and practical option. Flexible and informative options for buyers are also great things that will push their urge to purchase. There are helpful tips for playing on the side of customers and shoppers.

Based on surveys, developing a sensible policy for shipping will bring you profit but at the same time makes it convenient for shoppers to commit. However, 45% have lost their money and only 10% breaks even when developing policies. You have to keep in mind that there are possible ways that will guarantee a strong hold of your money.

Give your shoppers free items because this strategy will surely push them to buy. Your customers will surely appreciate giveaways even on selected items. If you are selling light weight products and items like jewelries, you can offer free shipping. The right strategies will eliminate all the reasons that stop shoppers from buying.