Men vs Women Shopping Habits

Men vs. Women: Online Shopping Habits

Online shopping is very common these days. With all the conveniences offered by this activity, it is not surprising why more and more people take advantage of it. This trend is true for both men and women, as what you may be observing this time. As a person gets older, he/she tends to spend a higher amount and time for online shopping. Right at the age of 18 many people consider shopping online not only because of the convenience it brought, but also because of the great deals it offers.

According to the statistics, women aging between 45 and 54 are within the prime of their career and might hold less time for online shopping, while men aging the same might be too busy having their midlife crises for shopping online. Indeed, the fondness of people to online shopping might change due to a number of reasons, which certainly include their individual busy careers.

There is also a specific time of the day when men and women are making big purchases online. Based on report, it is between 7 and 8pm when the majority of purchases are made by men, while it is between 12 and 1pm for women. So, if you are ever suspecting that some of your female coworkers are shopping during their lunch breaks, you are probably right. This hour of engaging freedom in the mid of their workday might only be the mere free time some women have for shopping online.

There is also a variation in the average time when women and men complete their purchases. It is noted that men have faster time with 10 minutes as compared to women with 14 minutes. It is considered that a man’s decision on purchase is a strategic execution, while a woman’s decision is some sort of philosophical examination. However, even with this consideration, men seem to have a higher average online purchase price of around $67.82 as compared to women who spend of around $51.84.

Men are likely more tenured online shoppers as compared to women. That is why they are more comfortable purchasing big-ticket products online. Men might also simply purchase more items simultaneously in order to lessen shopping trips. Hence, that extravagant entertainment system brought by that guy next door brought complemented with a one click, inclusive with game system, TV, Blur-Ray player, and surround sound. This is not that crazy in any way.

This seems that men are more engaged to the trend of online shopping. They even consider doing it even when they are at work. Men consider doing their weekend browsing on netbooks and iPads or even on an offline store, and then immediately go to their PCs at working when Monday arrives. This is to find the finest price and have their transaction completed with the full screen in front of them.

There are also variations of returning a purchase on which men take 21 days while women take longer with the average of 30 days. Obviously, men and women have different preferences when it comes to online shopping, yet one thing is for sure both of them love doing the activity.