Characteristics of an Affluent Influencer

Affluencer: The Most Important Customer

For marketers and businessmen, success in the business industry can only be achieved if they made all the effort in convincing customers that they need what they are offering. Convincing them may take a long time, but with the right steps and actions, it can be accomplished. For that to be accomplished, they only have to one thing, to do better in marketing what they are offering and ensure that the prospective customers will see those efforts.


There are several types of customers and the one considered as the most important of them all is the affluencers. Most of the affluencers came from the male population. Only 40% of affluencers are females and 60% are male. It is one of the key characteristics of this type of customers. They also mostly came from households that have a range of income of $100 to $149. There are 4% of these people who belong to a household with an income of $500 and above.

This type of customers is mostly white, has obtained at least a bachelor’s degree and either married or living with a partner and has children.

Generational Characteristics

Affluencers consist of 3 generations. These are the millennials (aged 21 to 36), Gen Xers (37 to 48) and Baby Boomers (49 to 66). Each of the generations is characterized differently. The Millennials are those who are open to mobile ads, comprise 36% of people who read printed ads just like the Baby Boomers and are willing to pay just to have access online. Compared to Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, the Millennials have the lowest percentage of people who watch broadcasts on TV. But they are the ones who mostly engage in social media every day. Just like with Gen Xers, they use devices like tablets and mobiles. It is the generation with the second highest percentage that banks online at least one per week, with Baby Boomers with the highest. It is also the generation with the highest purchases being made online at a weekly daily period.

What They Talk About

Most of the subjects and topics that Millennials look for include beauty, books and childcare. For Gen Xers, it is mostly food and drink, clothing, dating and relationships and books. Pet care, cars and fashion or clothing advice is sought by Baby Boomers.

To succeed in getting the interest and engaging the affluencers, the marketing campaign that must be done should be something that catches their attention quickly, related to something new and different. That is for the Millennials. As for the second type, marketing must be about efficiency and include integrated experiences. For the last generation, marketing campaigns must be more on strategic, multi-channel connectivity and must include mobile, but more on tablets.

To be successful in reaching this type of customers and getting them engaged, marketers and businessmen must include providing great contents in their campaign. They must also encourage sharing and all messages must be related on values. Both the audience and message must be specialized and the affluencers must be invited in to join creating contents. The most important of all, benefits and time-saving must be present.