LinkedIn Influencer Trends

LinkedIn is a popular social networking site where people with professional occupations can be found. Through this site, professionals will be able to manage their identity. The most important thing with LinkedIn is the fact that they can also build as well as engage with their professional network. But did you know that aside from finding information about a specific professional, you can also find influencers there? That is true. LinkedIn has over 300 influencers. Among these influencers are Tim Brown, the CEO of IDEO who has already earned 270,466 followers and Arianna Huffington, the President and Editor-in-Chief at the Huffington Post Media Group who already earned a total of 588,603 followers. There is also Richard Branson, the Founder of Virgin Group. At present, he already gained not just thousands, but millions of followers.

LinkedIn News

As a social networking site, it is expected to launch new features for the benefit of all professionals. Among the features that it recently launched is the ability to follow a specific and exclusive influencers group in the site. These are exclusive groups who are stated to contribute unique insights about business to over 300 million professionals. These people range from C-level executives, politicians, entrepreneurs to world leaders and philanthropists.

The LinkedIn influencers are not only professionals who provide business insights, but also sparking thoughts that can provoke discussions about a wide range of issues that can impact the professional community.

The LinkedIn Influencer

Once they post something, from the time it is posted, it can earn about 24,955 views and 240 likes. The posts also get an average of 94 comments. It is an average figure that these influencer posts can get.

As for the followers the influencers can get, it is divided into a couple of range. About 22% of these followers are said to be entry-level professionals. Another part of the pie graph of influence followers, which is director-level and above level, takes about 49%.

LinkedIn Influencer: Bill Gates

Who would not know who Bill Gates is? As one of the professionals in LinkedIn, it is expected that he will also post some things. When he first posted, it was a shock that his post immediately generated more than 1 million page views! What is shocking about it is the fact that these page views were generated in just 2 days!

The LinkedIn Members

At the start of the day, every person would look for something that will inspire them throughout the day. The same thing goes for LinkedIn members. As the day begins, the members will start looking for an inspiration. They usually do this during peak consumption hours, which is at 8am.

Some professionals were recently added as influencers in LinkedIn. These new influencers are Maria Shriver, a journalist, author and activist; Angela Ahrendts, the CEO of Burberry; and Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister.

There are so many things that you can learn about LinkedIn. Combine the information you will gain from the members and it will be a whole new learning experience. As of now, regarding the influencer followers, the industries they are commonly following are Marketing and Advertising, Financial Services and Information Technology and Services.