The Demographics of the LGB Population in United States

Homosexuality has already been a topic and issue talked about by people worldwide for a long time now. Some may agree to it while others would prefer never to hear anything about it. However, whatever the case is, it cannot be denied and hidden that the population of homosexuals has already grown.

Some may wonder about the rate its population has grown. If you are one of the individuals interested in knowing some information about the subject, it is fortunate that there are some studies you can locate out there. Among the reports you can find is one made in the United States.

Based on the extensive study made in 1990, it was found out that 10.1% of men and 8.6% of women had experienced at one point in their life a form of homosexuality. From the report, 76% of men and 87% of men stated about same-sex attractions at the time. It was also reported that 52% of men and 41% of women had sex with someone of the same gender. During this time, the LGBT population comprised 27% of men and 16% of women.

By 1994, another study was conducted. In the report, a total of 3,432 individuals, both male and female, were surveyed. From the report, it can be found that among women, there was 7.5% homosexual desire incidence rate while there was 7.7% among males.

When 2005 came, a survey about same-sex couples was done. At the time, it was found out that there were a total of 776,943 of them, which is equivalent to 0.05 of the entire population.

Two years later, from a survey conducted, it was stated that 5.6% of the overall male population was either a bisexual or gay. The rate of bisexual and lesbian among the female, however, was more than half of the rate of the male’s LGBT population. After a year, from the CNN polling, it was reported that LGBT voters already totaled to 4% of the entire population. As of 2011, the population rate of LGB totaled to about 3.5% with transgender about 0.3%. When this rate is converted to figures, it will be equivalent to 11.7 million Americans.

There are only counted states in America where same-sex marriage is allowed, which when compared to cities with high population of gays will surely end-up incomparable. These gay-populated cities are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Francisco.

New York, Northern New Jersey and Long Island are among the metropolitan areas in US with most gay residents, which totaled to more than five hundred individuals. With the kind of growth that occurred in the LGBT population, it is no surprise that more issues also floated. Now, among the issues concerning the LGBT population is the harassment they are experiencing in school. It was reported that out of 10 LGBT students, there is always one who experiences harassment.

Fortunately, there are organizations solely established to help these youth from such issues. As a support to the LGBT Youth, the It Gets Better Project was launched.