Internet Marketing Tools

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr are just among the social networking tools that individuals enjoy using now. Whatever reason they use it for, the fact always remain that it helps them in their daily lives. But have you ever been curious about who are commonly using of each of these social media sites? If you want to know everything about it, then here are the most common internet users of social networking tools based on several factors.

Based on Gender

Women are the most common user of social networking tools, specifically of Pinterest. The same goes for Facebook. However, the difference of the rate of Facebook users between men and women is not that big. In the same case, even though both genders are not using Twitter that much, the rate it obtained is the same.

Based on Age

18 to 29 is the age range where most Facebook users come from. As the age increases, individuals using the social networking site decrease. That is the case with most age range. The population of social networking tools users in the age range of 18-29 is high, but it decreases as the age gets older. It is understandable since as a person ages, their interest also changes.

Based on Urbanity

Most social networking tools users are coming from the urban area. Although the difference in the population of users is only small, it is still there. On all the types of urbanity, Facebook still remained with the highest user-population. The only difference is that there are more Pinterest users in the rural area than the urban.

Based on Race or Ethnicity

As for Pinterest users, most of them are White and Non-Hispanic. However, the case is not the same with the population of Instagram users. That is because mostly came from the Hispanic race. Most of the Facebook users are from the Black and Non-Hispanic race.

Based on Education Attainment

As it is stated on the report, Pinterest has attracted mostly those who have obtained higher-education, mostly women. As for the population of Facebook and Instagram users, mostly are those who have obtained a college degree or are still in college.

Based on Annual Household Income

The range of annual household income used in the survey is from below $30,000 up to above $75,000. Based on the report, it was seen that in the household income of $75K and above, except Facebook, the social networking tool with the most users is Pinterest. It is expected since most of them are probably running a business or are holding executive positions. It is also expected to that only a few of them are using Tumblr.

Now that the information is laid out, there is one social networking tool that stood out among the others. Surely, you already have an idea what that is, which is none other than Facebook. Even with all the differences in age, the income being earned, the race and the obtained degree, Facebook still remained as the social networking tool that benefits all.