Consumer Type Comparison

In dealing with customers, a businessmen or someone from the marketing and sales area have to be knowledgeable first about each of the consumer segments. By doing this, you will be able to design the best social media strategy.

Today, along with the modernization in the world, a new set of consumer segments has been identified. It was identified in the study conducted by The Incyte Group. The new consumer segments range from young professionals who are high-earners to those individuals who are tech savvy. Each of the segments is represented by individual personas. The primary consumer segments are composed of Fashionistas, Knights, Techies and Mamas. Fashionistas hold the highest percentage in the pie graph in relation to the 4 consumer segments while the Knights are the lowest.

The 4 Primary Consumer Segment

1. Fashionista Professionals
They are females aged 25 to 35. In the entire US population, there are 47.2 million of them. Their main traits include having discretionary income with no kids they can spend it on. They commonly desire a deep and meaningful relationship with their favorite brands. They are willing to provide feedbacks and advocates for the services and products they like most. They are always present on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn.

You can keep your relationships with them by providing special promotions and offers along with creating online communities. That way, sharing with their fellow fashionistas will be easier. What makes them important? It is their segment size and purchasing power and their social connections.

2. Knights with iMacs
They are mostly aged 24 to 25. Their population is about 16.5 million and they are ones who are knowledgeable about the latest gadgets. They are helpful and tech-savvy. They usually join the online community, so they can share their expertise on products and they are very active on social networks.

You can strengthen your relationship with them by incentivizing online gadgets and others of their interest. You can also do that by influencing their desire to be seen as helpful. They are essential because of their generous support, which comes as a beneficial resource to customers.

3. Web-Building Techies
They are typically men aged 21 to 24. There is a total of 29 million of them. They are described as the early adopters and they have strong ties with techies like them. Relationship with them can be nurtured by offering insider information or letting them enjoy an exclusive and free trial. They can serve as an advocate for the brand, make it possible to have easy social sharing and monitor while good words about you are being spread.

4. Mamas
They are mothers often aged 35 to 44. There are a total of 24.6 million of them and they are the ones known to be responsible for anything about household shopping. They are the types of buyers who are value-driven. Relationship with them can be nurtured by providing special promotions and offers as well as by facilitating interaction. They are important because they are always interested in participating in online communities and share whatever knowledge they have. They can bring great value to your brand and the community.

These are the newly identified consumer segments. With the given information, you can now start planning your social media campaign. Just keep in mind everything and integrate it to have an effective plan.