Marketing to Influencers

There is a new trend in social media. Although this trend has already been practiced for a long time, it is only now that the concept is made clear. This trend is getting the help that influencers can give to reach your social media goals. However, it is not a simple process. To obtain the help of influencers, they must be influenced first. But first of all, they must be identified first.

Influencing influencers is already a large process. But taking out the step of identifying these individuals, a complicated task will also be produced from the action. Whenever identifying influencers in social media is talked about, there is always the tendency of looking at the big picture. It means ranking by industry status or celebrity is also considered along with ranking by traffic and number of followers and comments. These things are essential to be factored in. But to engage and work successfully with influencers, you must also consider research, psychology, common sense and PR skills. All of these are required to be present in equal parts.

Drawbacks to be Considered

Influencer’s Point of View.
Influencers are in a variety of degrees, from positive to negative including neutral. Thus, it is essential to establish the specific degree your influences belong to. In this aspect, you have to remember that your reputation to your influencer’s audience is relative to the respect that the audiences have for that influencer. Due to that, it is better to put importance on the aspect of credibility than celebrity status and impressive traffic site.

Company’s Point of View.
All bases regarding the influencer contact perspective may have already been tackled by the social media engagement team. But it will still be of no use, especially if there is no organized communications policy and plan. If that is the case, it will only lead to obtaining rogue posts and comment, which will damage and break the relationship.

Damage Control.
Both PR efforts and influence marketing must come and used together so that message consistency is ensured. It is also useful in the development of strategy for damage control, which when needed can be used immediately. If it is not, conflicts and expensive issues will be encountered.

Continuous Monitoring of Reputation.
An influencer is capable of helping in the process. However, they still need to be monitored to avoid any damage that can be caused when his position shifts. Thus, you need to be cautious and check everything first. To ensure such situation will not arise, better to start by building a trusting relationship when courting an influencer.

Do Not Deceive.
Never consider posting fake information. Otherwise, you have to prepare for the consequences which usually outweigh the benefits. Always be truthful, avoid being careless and make use of common sense all the time.

Influencers From Out There.
There are a lot of influencers present out there. You do not always have to settle or choose from the ones near your reach.

Never Overestimate the Knowledge of Clients about Influencers.
Opportunities are present anywhere. You only have to look at the right place.

By considering these things, you will not only succeed in influencing influencers. You will also earn one where trust between the relationships is surely strongly built, making it at an advantage for both parties.