Common Methods for Communication by Teens

The advent of modern technology also changed the way how individuals all over the world communicate. Individuals especially the teenagers are now growing in a web based environment where almost everything is made possible with the aid of internet power. Nearly everything is also accessible and readily available through mobile and online means. These things have affected the approaches of college and high school students to communication.

Common Characteristics and Traits

In United States, American teens have been using different tools in communicating with other people. About 93% of these teens use email as their means of communication, 93% use their phones, and 90% rely on Facebook in communicating and socializing with families and friends. Youtube is also a tool for communication and as a matter of fact, 74% of American teens use this tool while 47% use Skype. Texting and talking are usually the things that individuals do during interaction and communication.

Causes of Trends

Teens prefer to use these tools because these are easier, faster and more convenient. Since teenagers spend most of their time using their phones and surfing the net especially when talking or updating someone, the plug-in time is also expected to increase. On the daily basis of teen’s life they typically Skype during bedtime, use email upon waking up, communicate through phones while commuting or going out on a date and use Youtube after classes.

Teens also use Google inside the class however; it was found out that 96% of teens in America prefer face to face conversation or communication preferably during lunchtime. Teens have become dependent on the internet for communication. Some even acclaimed that absence of internet is just like being disconnected to the world. Without Facebook and other online site, communicating with others can somehow be challenging.

Facebook and Emails are the top channels that caught the interest and attention of teens. There have been some sorts of comparison with regards to usage and frequency of use. It was found out that 93% of teens use facebook and 90% use email wherein 50% of these teens use Facebook two times a day and 55% uses email twice daily. In the US, 53% use Facebook and 66% use email on their phones and about 13% teens use facebook inside the class and same rate use email. The percentage rate of using Face book and email varies in other situations like waking up, going out with friends, having vacations, during bedtime and more.

You will probably wonder how teens would adjust in case their primary means of communication disappeared. There are teen who believed that having no mobile phones to use will paralyze their relationships. About 14% of teens in the US believed that face to face conversation will soon replace online and social networks, 6% also believed that they would prefer writing letters if no phones are available.

The 18% of American teens believed that they will probably stop communicating with one another if primary communication lines vanished. Teenagers have different opinions and beliefs regarding this matter. The only thing that is certain is the negative effects posed on them in case communication channels are gone.