Demographics of Google Apps

Google apps are one of the most useful developments presented to people. Through this, many people are given the opportunity to finish their work as easy as possible. But did you ever wonder about the demographics of Google Apps? If you do, the survey conducted by Backupify might help you better understand the subject.

The Google Apps Demographics Conducted by Backupify

In the survey, Backupify made use of 8,000 Apps domains, which are representing a total of 500,000 Google Apps users. The survey report contained a lot of information that might help in determining the industry and size distribution of Google Apps.

As stated in the report, 93.9% of Google apps seats are being used by companies. In the entire list of these companies, 15.4% of them are using the Google Apps seats. The report showed data that tells about the results based on seat size. It is showed that in every 1 to 10 Google apps seats within an organization, 53.7% of Google apps domains are used. As the number of seats increase, the percentage of Google Apps domains being used starts to decrease. The same number of Google apps seats within the organization is also used in determining the percentage of Google Apps seats being used. With the first graphed data, result decreases the number of seats within the organization increases. However, the result with the second graphed data is different since the effect is the opposite. As the number of seats increases, the percentage of Google apps seats also increases.

It is also reported that educational institutions are the organizations with the most Google apps users. At most, 40% of these organizations often have more than 1000 users.

With the data presented about seat size, the same figures are used. However, organizations especially those educational institutions are already removed in arriving with the presented data.

The survey report also showed that the number 1 state used for deployment of Google apps is California. The percentage of the Google apps deployment in the state totaled to 17%. The job functions of the common buyers of Google apps were also included in the surveyed aspects. CEO, owner or president is the most common job function that buyers of Google apps have. This job function garnered 43%. It was followed by the IT job functions, then marketing, finance, operations with legal garnering 3%.

The next aspect that was surveyed is the top industries that are using Google apps. The result showed that these industries are Professional and Non-Profit, which gained the top spot sing Google apps. It was followed by the software and internet industries, municipalities and HR and staffing.

Google Apps and Data Protection

Based on the survey, user error is the most common reason when losing data in Google apps. Thus, it only indicated that for such issue to be avoided, effort from the user must be presented. Fortunately, this issue can be prevented by keeping a second copy of the important data. When it comes to that, most Google apps customers are choosing Backupify as a means of protecting their data.