Entrepreneur Statistics

Along with businessmen, entrepreneurs also hold a huge part in the development of the economy. At present, the business market is comprised mostly by entrepreneurs. However, even with the kind of the role they have in improving the worldwide economy, a lot of people still have no idea about the thoughts that run in their minds regarding recession. Of course, they are also affected by this occurrence. So, for those who want to know a bit of information about these entrepreneurs, here are some data on the 2010 survey about today’s entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs: Age

Most of the entrepreneurs who became part of the survey are aged between 31 and 35. 24% of them are aged 26 to 30. As seen on the survey report, although one would expect that at the age of 18 people will still be in school and finishing their degree, there were already entrepreneurs even at that age. 17% of the surveyed entrepreneurs were aged 18 to 25, the age meant to finish their schooling to obtain their degree. As there are young entrepreneurs, there are also the old ones who even at the age 61 and above are still making money through their entrepreneurial skills.

The Reported Effects of Recession in their Business

Majority of the entrepreneurs who were surveyed stated that the recession has not affected their business that much. 34% of them said that it hurt their business a bit, but there were also some who stated that it affected their business a lot. Even with those statements, there were still 13% of the entrepreneurs who were lucky enough since instead of experiencing negative effects, the recession even became a great occurrence for their business. Unfortunately for some, the recession has put them out of business.

During the year, some of the surveyed entrepreneurs were just about to start their own business with some only recently running one. However, most of the individuals surveyed then were running a business.

As part of the survey, they were also asked about Donald Trump. The thought that gained the highest rate was the statement of them thinking of him as a great marketer. Alternately, some of them thought of him as a douchebag.

When they were asked about the reason why they started their company, a lot of them offered different reasons. The reasons include it was time to take over their family business and they want to help others and be able to give back. Some stated that they were forced by the recession. Some reasoned out they simply want to make money or fulfill their dreams. However, of all those reasons, 44% of the entrepreneurs stated that they saw an opportunity and never thought twice of letting it go.

The entrepreneurs who were surveyed were not the only founder of their business. Most of them have co-founders. As for technology preference, they preferred using Mac rather than PC and iPhone instead of Blackberry. Most of them were also males and have obtained a college degree. 3% of them, however, were dropouts. Even if that is the case, the road they have taken led them to success.

Based on the survey report, the entrepreneurs are generating yearly revenue of $100K. Only 40% of them are earning higher than the given amount. As for how they viewed the year 2010, most of them stated that things are looking good for them, but not all felt optimistic.