Digital Anatomy of a Male Consumer

The Affluent Male Customers

A businessman is required to know everything about their business to keep it afloat. Among the things they have to be knowledgeable about is the types of customers present in the market. In the market, any person who is in the business and sales workforce will meet all types of customers in their daily working routine. Knowing the characteristics of each of them is an essential thing. Through that knowledge, one will be able to know the right way to approach and treat them. It becomes especially beneficial when it comes to convincing them that they need what is being offered to them through using the right marketing and advertising campaign. By using that information, dealing with them will be much easier.

Among the types of customers one will meet in the market are the affluent males. In the modern world, businessmen will be able to enjoy the total number of the affluent male they can find on the internet. The internet presents over 19 million of these customers. All of them are always shopping online and are even spending more than the amount they spent last time. 40% of the total population of affluent males also shop 2 times or more every week. They are also spending more than $30 thousands a year on their online shopping.

The Affluent Male

Most of the affluent male are aged 35 and above. 69% of them are earning an income that starts from $100 to $300. More than half of its entire population still does not have kids. This type of customers is also using devices every day. Most of them access the internet through their PCs. 77% of them are connected to the internet through their smart phone while 50% of them are connected through their tablet devices.

28% of the affluent male is living in the North East part and 35% of them are based in the South. The usual things they are using their phone with is checking their emails, using it as maps and for directions. They usually check news and sports scores through their phone. When they are using their tablet devices, what they do is make purchases. With the use of their tablet, they are able to have easy access to the internet and make purchases at least once a week.

70% of affluent male would do their research first before and buy online later on. A few of them would also start by researching online, but would choose to buy in the store. However, there are also those who would do their online research, but just ask someone to do the purchasing for them.

The affluent male also has a fixed number of purchases each of week and month. As for those who are buying 2 times a month, they usually end up spending $500 to $4000 a year. They also have their own favorite luxury brands like Louie Vuitton, BMW, Mercedez-Benz and Lexus. Whenever they are searching, it would usually about travel, automotive, sports and apparel. As for the websites they commonly visit, these include Amazon, which is the leading site, Yahoo!, Google and eBay.

For those who want to take advantage of the information, make sure to include Facebook on your advertising campaign since 55% of affluent males are using the site at least one a day, along with Google Plus.