Millennial Data Footprint

Data Footprints

Since the dawn of time until the year 2013, humans have generated data that is almost five billion gigabytes. Surprisingly, the same amount of data are produced only within two days, and in the coming year, this amount is expected to be accumulated every ten minutes. This only signifies that as time passes by, higher amount of data are produced. Every individual and generation is said to be part of leaving digital footprint.

What Does Digital Footprint Mean?

Digital footprint is a particular term that denotes the sum of the behaviors and the activities that are recorded as entities such as individuals interacting in a given digital environment. This is also defined as the data trail that interactions left behind. Digital footprints cover a wide scope and this plays significant role as far as data footprints are concerned.

About 75% of the information produced in the digital universe is generated by millenials, generation X and boomers. In the case of Millenials, statistics are divided by age brackets of 18 to 29n years old but not greater than 34 years old. In Generation X, it is divided by 30 to 49 years old but not more than 35 to 34 and ages 50 to 64 but not more than 65 in the case of boomers.

Video Viewing

Millenials got the least number of videos viewed per month wherein about 110 hours and 18 minutes are consumed, while Generation X views more videos every month spending 145 hours and 3 minutes. The boomers got the highest number of videos viewed per month wherein 193 hours and 18 minutes are spent. These videos are all featured on traditional television. The number of videos viewed and hours spent watching the videos vary depending on the platform used.
The time spent by millenials watching video on other television and video platform like online video, mobile video and timeshifted television is 23 hours and 25 minutes. In the case of Generation X 14 hours and 3 minutes are consumed and in Boomers 19 hours and 9 minutes are spent watching videos.

Internet Usage

The power of internet has become famous and widespread as many individuals are using the internet for various purposes. About 94% of millennials utilizes the internet wherein 76% got broadband access at home, 88% are connected wirelessly and 42% uses smartphone as their primary means of going online. The percentage of internet usage of Generation X is 87% wherein 70% of this entire count got broadband access at home, 76%b are connected wirelessly away from their houses and 21% use smartphone to go online. About 70% of boomers utilize the net and 60% of this count got broadband access, 563% is connected wirelessly and the remaining 10% uses smartphone when going online.

Every generation is lucky enough to access the worldwide web with the help of connected devices. Particular percentage of millenials, Generation X and boomers own desktop computers, laptop, tablet, e-reader, iPad, Android, and Smartphone. These devices are mainly used in accessing the internet, producing data, and all other online purposes.