Brand Advocates and Influencers on Facebook

A Study Showing the Kinds of Post that Garnered the Most Like, Comment and Shares

In creating influencers along with brand advocates in one of the most popular and used social media sites all over the world, Facebook, one has to consider the kinds of posts getting the most of Likes, comments and shares. However, before that can be done, the factor mentioned above must be determined first.

There are several types of post. These are posting of photos, videos, texts and links. Depending on the information presented, the kind of post to be done must be based on it. Fortunately, a study has been made to help people improve and succeed on creating influencers along with brand advocates on Facebook.

Based on the study made, considering the types of posts, the one that garnered more Likes, comments and shares is photos. However, in determining this, the text was decided to be an exception in the comments department.

The Types of Post with the Highest Likes

In the Likes department, the type of the post that gained the highest Likes is photos with a total of .02 percent based on the study made. It was followed by text posts, video and link posts. Through this, it can be concluded that to succeed in creating influencers and brand advocates, individuals must consider posting photos more and lesser links.

The Type of Post with the Highest Comments

Using the same process, the study made showed that in the comments department, the kinds of posts that are always getting the highest percentage are text posts. The same with Likes aspect, link posts gained the lowest percentage. Text posts are followed by photos and video posts. For marketers who want to ensure getting a high rate of comments and increase in that aspect, they have to at least post a fair share of texts and photos.

The Type of Post Shared The Most

For people who want to gain lots of shares from their Facebook fans, they either have to post photos and videos. That is because these are the type of posts that usually get the highest percentage of shares from fans. Posting texts and links is fine, but the effort must not be concentrated on these two.

With the given information, those who want to secure the branding of their company have to consider what is stated above. By combining the information about the types of post usually getting the highest percentage of Likes, comments and shares, success will also be achieved.

However, there are a few things that marketers must be reminded about. The reminders have something to do about the length and sentiment of posts including the time of the day the posts must be made. To get more likes, the length of post to be posted must either be long or short. To get lots of shares, longer ones must be posted. For the sentiment of post and to get Likes, the posts must be something not neutral. To get more shares and likes, posting must be done during the later part of the day.

By following the things provided above, not only will one get influencers and brand advocates. Later in time, marketing success will also be achieved.