Gen Z Statistics

The Modern Rise of Generation Z

Generation Z is composed of individuals who are born between the year 1992 to 2010. Most of these individuals are on their early teen stage. Generation is being linked to several names. This is also being referred to as iGeneration, silent generation, and net generation, generation quiet, and digital generation. This generation makes up about 12% of the world’s population and individuals belonging to this modern generation are shaping the products and brand perceptions.

Characteristics of Generation Z

People who belong to this generation show distinct characteristics that set them apart from the rest. Their unique characteristics are as follows:

• Generation Z spends most of their decisive years on web.
• They are used to instant satisfaction and action.
• Generation Z communicates through internet and have minimal verbal or communication skills.
• Individuals belonging to this generation give high regard on privacy.
• They are individualistic and have unique persona.
• They do not believe much in developing relationship and meeting friends.
• Their primary means of communication is via online communities like Facebook, Google and Orkut.
• Do not believe in living based on social norms.
• They are less likely to go out of their houses or travel.

Since people are now living in a web based environment, their behavior is also expected to change. Almost half of teenagers using the internet are typically purchasing things online. They are actually not loyal to the brand but they consider products important. About 96% of teens in the US aging 12 to 17 years old use the internet monthly and 74% of these are said to be the total percentage of teen online users.

Generation Z Now Recognized as Generation of Modern Self-Branders

The Generation Z shows love and passion for iPad intuitivism over the cellphone or mobile. Gen Z thinks that iPad gets them more than mobile devices do. Individuals living under this generation communicate mostly with constant updates, texts and IM every month. Generation Z people are not easily impressed with the old and usual marketing tactics for the reason that they realized themselves as the new and more effective ways.

Employment Corner

When speaking of employment, Generation Z is starting to join the work force. This generation signifies flexibility, self reliance, transparency, and freedom. These are the essential and non-negotiable aspects of the work ethics of Generation Z. But there are instances that younger individuals tend to push themselves to traditional jobs. This will just result to peer pressure, reduced productivity, frustration, low morale an absence of worker or employee engagement.

Generation Z are expected to be less fortunate and well off as compared to their parents and are not that capable of sustaining their needs inside the household. Many individuals in Gen Z spend most of their time looking for a job. These younger peers consider modern media as natural way of breathing. It is mainly the reason why they expect access to online network and media.

Education Trends

There is a rise in education trend because homeschooling becomes popular using web as the primary tool. Modern tools and approaches are utilized in order to get this generation completely involved.