Downfall to Online Reviews

Are Online Reviews Killing Your Business

Businesses are more progressive because of the effective marketing strategies that they follow. Product reviews are a strategy that creates huge income and sales to a lot of businesses. In fact, they serve as the key to making businesses successful and thriving.

In America, almost fifty percent of consumers are likely to purchase from a local business after they have read positive online reviews. These reviews create a significant influence to further attract more customers online.

On the other hand, sixty-four percent of consumers are more likely to search for product reviews before they decide on purchasing products online. Other than that, eighty-five percent of consumers are more interested to buy services and products after they have found recommendations online. This only means that the opinions of previous buyers matter most to them. They are not anymore hesitant in buying products because they are previously used and tested by other users.

Why Online Reviews Matter

Truly, online reviews matter to almost all consumers. Eighty-seven percent of consumers even say that positive reviews found online have their reinforcing effect on the decisions of whether to buy a service or product that is suggested to them.

In addition, eighty percent of consumers also say that negative reviews found online forced them to change their decision about buying a service or product suggested to them. This is a natural response from consumers because all they want are the best from the services or products.

Tips to Protect Your Reputation

On the part of most businesses, there are certain tips to follow to merely avoid bad or negative reviews. One of the first tips to consider is to call back or follow up with the previous customers. After making a sale, it is important to talk if the product is doing well.

If the customer is complaining, make it a lot easier for your staff. Let your staff handle the issue immediately. They must not avoid the issue but solve it at once. In this way, the customer will feel that he is not ignored and is making up with the downside of the product, if there is.

Apart from it, the complaint must be followed up easily and resolved quickly. This is the best thing to do to effectively handle the issue. Always remember that the problem must be resolved and not be left behind.

More so, the negative reviews posted online must be responded appropriately. They must not be ignored for they may have a serious effect on the purchasing decisions of consumers.

Other than that, there is no need to provide for fake reviews just to please the clients. Bear in mind that the complete satisfaction is felt after using the product at home. In effect, clients will get mad because of the positive reviews online that are only unreal.

There is also a need to effectively communicate with the local competitors. The chances of acquiring spam or negative reviews are decreased when businesses are in good terms with their competitors.

As for local search engine optimization, there are the most significant review websites to turn to such as Yelp, Google places, Citysearch, and YAHOO LOCAL!