Facebook User Demographics

Facebook Page Admins: Young Hipsters or Adults?

Have you ever wondered who the Facebook page admins are and what age group they belong to? If you are looking forward to knowing the answers to these questions, then you have come to the right place.

First, you need to know that Facebook page admins tend to be older than 30 years old. Facebook has 127, 999 admins in total. About 35.8% (45,747) of them are under 30 years old, 40.3% (51,469) are over 30 years old and 24% (30,783) admins prefer not to specify their age.

Numbers of Facebook Admins and the Age Group they Belong to

There are 1,214 Facebook admins within 13-18 demographic and 1,717 admins aged 18-20 years old. There are 42,816 between ages 20 and 30 years old, 35,007 are within 30-40 years old and 11,501 are between the ages 50 and 60 years old. Also, did you know that some of the Facebook page admins are seniors? Yes, you heard it right. Almost 3,158 admins are 50-60 years old, 870 are 60-70 years old and 933 admins are 70 years old and above.

These people are both men and women with different races. However, men over 30 years old dominate the Facebook admin sphere. Out of 127,999 total admins, 65,956 (51.5%) are men, 28, 588 (22.3%) are women and 33,455 (26.2%) do not specify their gender. There are 36,027 male admins that are over 30 and 229,929 are under 30 years old. On the other end, 13,492 female admins are over 30 years old and 15,096 are 30 years old below.

In addition, male admins manage more Facebook pages on average compared to females. Men over 30 years old can manage 10.46% Facebook pages and those under 30 can manage 8.89% of the site’s pages. These numbers are way too far on the percentage the social network’s pages that women can manage. Female admins under 30 are capable of managing 6.94% of pages and those over 30 can manage 7.75% of the social network’s pages.

While men admins can manage more than Facebook pages on average compared to the opposite gender, women admins are more capable of handling Facebook fans than men. Women admins over 30 can manage 34,345 Facebook fans on average compared to men over 30 who can manage 26,620 fans only. The same thing goes for women admins and male admins under 30 years old bracket with the ration of 38, 316 fans: 19,919 fans.

These numbers are results gathered from 100,000 page admins as of September 2013. These numbers are valid and brought to you by Social Bakers. Also, these numbers clearly show that the majority of Facebook admins are young adults, adults and seniors. Facebook admins that belong to 18 below demographic are too few. Why? This is because being a Facebook admin requires knowledge, dedication and hard work. If you lack one of these things, you will not become one of the 127,999 Facebook admins.