Anatomy of Pinterest Influencers

Pinterest and Its Influencers

A recent study has been made by Hello Society. The survey was conducted on its 100 most followed tastemakers in the topic website. Based on the survey, the pinners are commanding a total of 1.8 million followers. Other than that, there were also several more things that were found out about Pinterest followers.

Among those things include the fact that the influencers were mostly women. It is not just a simple 45-50 cut, but one that even exceeds one fourth of the total Pinterest users from both populations. Most of them are from the age range of 24 to 34 years old with 45 to 54 having the lowest Pinterest influencers population rate. These women work as a designer, student, mom, teacher or blogger. All of them have also earned a degree with only a low rate of those who earned GED or are still in high school. The highest rate of influencers based on the obtained degree is those with a four-year college degree garnering 57%. It was followed by those who obtained a masters degree, with the rate for doctoral degree as the lowest.

Pinterest Influencers Based on Geography

These Pinterest influencers are from the different cities of United States. However, not all have the same rate of population. Thus, in the study, only the top five of those cities with the highest population of influencers were stated. The top five cities include New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco.

Earned Pins By Device

All of these influencers are using different devices whenever they spot something that they prefer and want to be pinned. These devices include tablets, laptop or desktop and mobiles. Since the influencers each has their own preferred device to use, it is expected that there will be the most used. The device used in most of the pins made is tablets with 58%, followed by mobile phones with 30% and laptops and desktops as the lowest with 18%.

Among the made pins by influences, 88% of them also decided to buy the product they pinned. 49% of Pinterest Influencers even bought 5 or more of the products they either pinned or repined.

As a result of the conducted survey, Hello Society’s pinner networks were able to generate a total of 223 thousand of pins out of 23 websites. Thus, in the end, a total of 17 million repins were generated along with 7 million of Likes.

The Result

An average pinner is able to make an average of 4.2 repins in every pin made. But Hello Society was able to make 107.4 repins. The Likes obtained from a pin made was 1.1 while Hello Society made 46.2. An average pinner is able to produce an outcome 229 followers while Hello Society makes 1,800,000 followers.

Through this survey, it can be stated that when it comes to pins and effective execution of campaigns, Hello Society is the one you can rely on. They lead and help a business earn more sign-ups and generate unique page views.