Modern Travel Blogger

All About the Modern Travel Blogger

Ever since the internet technology was presented for the use of the public, opportunities also started growing exponentially. Due to the accessibility of the technology, blogging now became one of the most common careers that people decided to pursue. There are several types of bloggers worldwide. Among the types are travel bloggers. They are the ones who travel around the world and write things about the country they visited including everything other travelers would also want to know about the place.

With the growing population of travel bloggers worldwide, one would want to know the trend occurring within the industry. For some, they would want to know the specific age range of people who commonly have this as a career. Fortunately, Sandymount Hotel has taken this as an opportunity to conduct a survey that tackles everything about the modern travel blogger. Now, for people who are interested to know about the present trends of modern travel bloggers, here is information that might satiate your curiosity.

Modern Travel Bloggers Age Range Trend

Based on the survey report made by Sandymount Hotel, it was found out that the majority of modern travel bloggers are aged between 18 and 30. In this age range, it was also found out that the bloggers are commonly females. Only 28% of the bloggers are 31 to 40 years old. Bloggers aged 41 years old and above only took about 22%, which was primarily comprised by the male population.

Commonly Used Technology

The modern travel bloggers always make sure that they have their cameras with them. It is the most common technology they ensure to own and always bring with them. There is also their mobile phone. However, although tablet devices are considered as one of the must have today, especially for travel bloggers, only 40% of them own such. It only states that they still prefer to work on their project using their laptops than a tablet device.

Places Commonly Visited by Travel Bloggers

Based on the survey report presented by Sandymount Hotel, more than half of travel bloggers stated to have visited more than 10 countries. Among the places they usually visit are Great Britain, USA, Italy, France, Australia and China.

Their Blogs

From the survey report, it was stated that 80% of bloggers write their blogs using WordPress as their preferred CMS. 60% of bloggers also stated that they have more than one travel blog. Also, as for the number of times they are writing their blogs, it is not as often as what others think. That is because the majority of them are only writing once a week.

Most Commonly Used Promotional Platforms

There are different promotional platforms available to be used and each travel blogger has one that they prefer the most. The majority of them prefer to use Twitter followed by Facebook as their promotional platform. Only half of them are using YouTube.

More than half of these travel bloggers only have blogging as their primary source of income. There is also a huge rate of them who use sponsored posts as a means of monetizing their blogs. Now that you know the present trends in the travel blogging area, you might have some idea of the things you will need if you are ever interested in becoming a travel blogger too.