5 Step Influencer Marketing Plan

Influencer Marketing: 5-Step Action Plan and Expert Tips

Influencer is defined as someone with the ability of changing either the behaviors or impact decisions relating to purchasing based on the situation. In the social web aspect, influencers are able to earn an engaged audience by means of creating contents about any specific topic. With that in mind, influencer marketing is made and presented. It is the marketing in which the influence of individuals is being connected to the social web. That way, the business goal can be met through ensuring the establishment of a relationship that is mutually beneficial. To make this possible, an action plan is made.

Influencer Marketing Action Plan

1. Define. It entails defining one’s online audience which includes understanding who impacts the way they are discover, evaluate, decide and also buy.

2. Discover. It is all about discovering the right influencers. It means one has to search for individuals who can produce and even share contents that can sure give an impact to the business along with the decision-making process of buyers.

3. Monitor. In this step, the influencers must be monitored for any opportunities that will come. It means one has to listen to them as well as monitor the contents they are producing and sharing. Asking about the topics they are writing about and sharing the questions the influencers ask can serve as guidance.

4. Take Action. Start the step by building a relationship involving simple actions consisting of following, sharing and providing link. Be sure to get to know them and build their trust. Once accomplished, follow it by planning initiatives enabling you both to work together.

5. Measure. The results must be measured by tracking the relationships being built and how these can be translated into tangible events like visits, mentions, introductions and leads. Always learn and iterate.

Marketing Influencer Expert Tips

Think Beyond the Demographic Aspect
It has to mean that one has to look for influencers by considering the people’s passions and interests.

Understand the Community They are In
Influencer marketing works because of the influence they have which is made by the audience they already built. You can take advantage of this by serving their audience.

De-Emphasize the Main Reach
It means building quality relationships must be done and ensured by choosing selected people. That is when secondary audiences must be reached.

Create Experiences
This means you have to make experiences that can be worked on by the influencer instead of pursuing your news. That way, the influencer will have something they can react to and share with others.

Play the Long-Term Game
It only means that you have to earn trust and sustain the connection between you and the influencer.

Design Your Strategy
This type of marketing is not like a direct mail. That is why you have to design your own strategy by focusing on the individual himself.

Fundamentally Human
Influencers are also human, not amplification vessels. Thus, they have to be treated well and make sure to focus on their interests, personalities and passions.

High Value
It does not have to be pitching all the time. You must also find opportunities that will enable the enrichment of the influencer’s work.

Work on the Relationships
By building a relationship with influencers, you are also able to unlock the potential value they have.

This is how influencer marketing works. If you want to take advantage of the potentials that lay in this type of marketing, you only have to follow the steps and combine it with the mentioned tips.