Biggest Social Influencers on the Web

Who ensures that Sharepoint runs smoothly in over 80% of the world’s largest organization? They are the Sharepoint systems integrators, experts and consultants who support and ensure the success of primary Sharepoint-based initiatives. Within these people, who are the most important individuals that create community mindshare and build the best practices and products, provide professional services, and develop trainings to the world’s Sharepoint market?

To find this out, Mark Fidelman made a research for the top 15 Sharepoint influencers in 2012. His research recognizes the top 15 most prominent Sharepoint international online leaders. The result of the research was amazing and there were over 100 most influential Sharepoint leaders. Below are the names of top 15 Sharepoint influencers to watch in 2102.

I. Jeff Willinger – Jeff willinger has garnered 5765 votes and is the number one most influential Sharepoint leader. He is the Director of Everything Cool E2.0, Social Computing, Pres. SMC Chicago and Intranets Internal Coms Speaker. He is also a tri-athlete.
II. Geoff Varosky – He is the Director of development and Evangelism at Jornata LLC and Co-Founder of Boston Area Sharepoint Users Group.
III. Dan Lewis – He is a Senior Consultant at Microsoft and the Tweets and Toons of Sharepoint.
IV. Becky Isserman – She is a Sharepoint consultant and became a member of the organization in 2007. She has a strong passion on community involvement.
V. Spencer Harbar – He is a Sharepoint MVP, MCA and MCM from Edinburg.
VI. Owen Allen – He is a Sharepoint Strategy Consultant.
VII. Randall Isenhoor – He is from Sharepoint SDK team at Microsoft. He usually generates updates, tweets and more.
VIII. Tobias Zimmergren – An entrepreneur and currently a Microsoft MVP.
IX. Jim Bob Howard – A blogger, author and a Sharepoint speaker.
X. Erica Toelle – A freelance business consultant and active member of Sharepoint.
XI. Paul Swider – A sailor, humanitarian and a Sharepoint strategist.
XII. Liam Cleary – He is a five time Sharepoint MVP focused on architecture and development.
XIII. Chris Riley – Expert in IA, Genetic Algorithims, ECM, Doc Imaging, BI, Virtualization, Social Media and Sharepoint. He is currently a product manager at CloudShare.
XIV. Chris Hougardy – Senior Consultant Microsoft Sharepoint Server in 2010.
XV. Sean Bordner – He is a Solution architect, MCTS, MCT, MCAD, MCSD and MCP.

Sharepoint has become the most powerful and influential platform for transforming local and international organizations into social businesses by making collaboration as a key aspect to employees daily workflow. This is the primary reason why Sharepoint is highly important. Its leaders, advocates and influencers help the community members navigate existing technologies and determine the better and more innovative strategies.

The list of top 15 Sharepoint rising stars in 2102 can help community members identify the most influential people in their group of peers. This reveals the community’s most prominent and insightful leaders.

With this list of Sharepoint’s most influential leaders, you can now identify the most trusted leader within your community, contact them as well as maximize the productivity of your organization through their help.